Short ribs are available year-round now, so why do I only make them in the summer?  I love ribs and especially short ribs. I need to start making ribs more often, and I need to be smothering them with this recipe for Sriracha Marinade.  It is amazing, slightly spicy, and slightly sweet which works great on beef or pork ribs.  It melts in with the fat on the meat and is so flavorful.  Our new favorite way to enjoy a sticky rib.

I am going to apologize immediately for the recipe as it is made by taste.  I don’t measure anything, I just pour, mix and pour a little bit more.  We prefer them a little spicier so I add a lot of sriracha as well we love ginger so I go a little heavy on that.  I feel the longer you marinate them the better, so allow at least 3 hours if not overnight.  Then fire up the grill and cook them to perfection.  These ribs are perfect served with grilled white corn or a hearty green salad.  No matter what you serve with them you are going to love sinking your teeth into their meaty and juicy goodness.

Enjoy!  Have a safe and memorable long weekend!

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Sriracha Marinade

** made entirely by taste


canola oil

sesame oil

soy sauce

fresh ginger, peeled and grated


How To:

I make this marinade by taste following this procedure

In a large ziploc bag or big ceramic mixing bowl pour a small amount of canola oil

Add sesame oil

Add soy sauce

Add zested fresh ginger

Add sriracha



Adjust to your liking

Add meat of choice

Marinate for at least 3 hours or longer

Cook meat according to directions

Baste with remaining marinade




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