We had a long week at the office. There is so much to do that we will probably be spending our weekend there as well. After getting off of Bart, we decided to stop by the Attic for a cocktail. I have not been there in years and Lenny has never been. It was just as I remember it, the vibe was perfect, low-key, easy to sit, sip and talk and the cocktails were smooth as well as reasonably priced. One turned into two, and before we knew it we were talking about going home to make this simple but satisfying Pasta with Broccoli for dinner.




By the time we got home we were pretty hungry, after-all, I only ate cookies all day. The cupboards were pretty much bare except for these few dinner options – some uncooked orecchiette, broccoli, onions, garlic, Parmesan, and garlic. Usually, when left with these options I make a Chez Us standby, Pasta with Parsley and garlic.

Tonight I did it a little differently since I had the broccoli.  First I sauteed finely minced garlic with some olive oil.  After the garlic was soft, not brown, I added the broccoli, some water or leftover white wine, salt, and red pepper flakes.  While this was cooking I cooked the orecchiette.  I thought the broccoli would have been perfectly cooked instead it was slightly perfectly overcooked.  Next time I would start after boiling the water for the pasta.  Once the pasta was cooked, I drained (save some of the water) it and then tossed it with the saved water and the broccoli mixture.  To serve, just pass the Parmesan and cracked pepper.

Easy dinner in under 30 minutes.  It is lightly, slightly spicy and very garlicky!



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