I  apologize for drifting from this site for this brief moment.  I will not be writing about food or wine;  but, I am still writing about love, just a different form of love.

We have been in Madison webcasting the 2008 World Stem Cell Summit.  Normally, I can or at least I try to separate my job from my personal life and/or personal feelings.  Today was different … maybe it was because I have been listening to some of the most brilliant people in the medical field the past couple days or maybe it is because I knew it was my time to step up to the plate, stop thinking about it and try to make a difference.

I was taken back by this particular speaker, Don Reed.  He message was compelling and it struck me and held me captive.  I had to emotionally hold back tears, not only by his message;  but, by the emotion he projected with the simplicity of his message.   He did not preach his story or his sons  nor did he try to “sell” anyone, he just stated simple facts.

We went up to him after wards, thanked him for his time, works, courage and told him that we wanted to spread his message.  You, don’t have to believe in this initiative;  but, for a brief moment, please put yourself in his shoes as well as those around you and remember, it could happen to anyone of us at any time.  Now is the time to make a difference!

Thank you for taking the time to view this message.

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