This weeks TWD challenge, spelled comfort! Melissa, over at Melissa’s Kitchen picked Chocolate pudding. As soon as I saw what our challenge was, it brought up memories of childhood. Mind you back in those days, it was Jello brand pudding around our house.  Not the dreamy creamy kind such as this recipe.  I use to love the creamiest of pudding, especially Chocolate and Banana, not necessarily together either. Now thinking about it, it would be good together.  I loved it in a bowl, on a spoon, or in my mouth.  Warning: DO NOT eat before going to bed!


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I have not eaten pudding in about 20 years, so I was excited! The last time I made it I remember it burning and sticking all over the bottom of the pan!  I definitely went into this challenge being suspect.

Verdict?  Dorie’s recipe is going to be an all-time favorite with us. Not to mention the easiest pudding I have ever made; and it was ultra creamy, almost mousse-like. I used a very bitter chocolate as the base and did not want to dilute it with any other flavorings, so I served it just like it. Deep, dark and sultry. Literally, melts on your tongue with every bite! Sinful!

The recipe can be found here.

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