I remember the first time I had Swedish Meatballs, I was at what I thought to be the fanciest of holiday parties.  It was in the family home of a new to me friend.  The thing that caught my eye first was the long tables covered with linens, where bowls and chafing dishes of small bites were being served.  The one dish that really grabbed my attention where these little meatballs covered with slightly grey sauce that oozed delicious aromas.  I had one bite, then two, then three….

Swedish Meatballs

I remember approaching one of the servers and asking them what this treat was.  They said in a no matter of fact tone that these morsels were Swedish Meatballs.  Being whom I was I pushed a little bit more to get the recipe.  Blankly they told them ingredients, saying the really ingredient that brought it together was a dab of espresso powder.  Hmmm, meatballs with espresso powder.  Being a girl from a small town, where Swedish Meatballs were never served, I was even more wildly intrigued.

Since that twinkly night some twenty years ago, I have thought of those meatballs very often but have never made.  This year during our week long holiday celebration at home, I made them.  They were moist, flavorful, and even better then that first bite.  A bit more elegant than the meatballs we tend to enjoy, but still as satisfying.  Actually, they would be a lovely addition for a New Years celebration;  in my opinion.

Happy New Years!

Swedish Meatballs



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