We were asked to participate in the Back to School Communal Table with the Food Network.  It is a one-day event where some of the Summer Fest food bloggers will be bringing a dish to the table that they would either enjoy for lunch themselves or pack for the kids.  It was the perfect opportunity for us to talk about something other then dinner.  Now that we are working from home, full-time, we don’t lunch out very often.  Unless we have a client meeting or we get a strong hunkering for stick to your ribs ribs.  Instead we are always on the lookout for quick and healthy lunch ideas.

Tuna is easy.  We still do enjoy an occasional tuna sandwich or salad but are pretty picky about our tuna and for obvious reasons;  but, mostly taste.  We prefer firm pieces of Yellowfin when making a salad or sandwich.  The flavor comes forward more than a can of mystery tuna.

There is nothing like a creamy tuna sandwich to cure the craving when it hits.  Firm yellowfin tuna smothered in mayo, black pepper and green onions.  OH MY.  We could eat it by the spoonfuls.  Now that we are on the “low-cholesterol, dairy free diet, that is not an option.  One hungry afternoon, when we were searching our bare cupboards we decided to toss some white beans into our tuna salad, and we found the creamy we were looking for.  Not gooey, stick to your fingers creamy like mayo, but equally as good.  The white beans gently break apart while mixing, creating a creamy texture.  We love this salad by the bowlfuls or wrapped up in some lavash.  Perfectly light, filling and healthy.

Won’t you pull-up a chair and join all of us for lunch today.  

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