The past couple years there have been numerous pull-apart breads floating around the food blogging world.  After some research, I finally find out who the culprit was that developed this sinfully delicious baked product.  Flo Braker, bless her heart, has been feeding the baking world since creating Lemon Scented Pull Apart Bread.  I have yet to make one of many sweet variations that I have seen floating around;  but, it is definitely part of the game plan.

I have been keeping this dirty little secret from y’all for the past 5 months;  warm, cheesy, garlicky pull-apart bread.  I was fine-tuning the same ole (yawn, boring) garlic bread recipe last year, when I had a thought;  why not make my usual garlic bread completely different.  Completely more fun.  I pulled Ms. Braker’s recipe from my give a try files, and got to work.

Don’t fret that there are too many steps to making this garlic bread.  The recipe is very simple, and the bread comes out very light and fluffy.  The dough is a dream to work with;  silky and elasticity.  I loved working with it.  When I made this bread for a dinner party this week, I decided to use some green garlic instead of regular (fresh) garlic that I use.  I loved the slightly sweet taste of fresh green garlic.  It was as good as when I make it with regular garlic, just not as pungent.  The cheese melts nicely into the dough, which I loved.  And the extra garlicky butter running down your chin with each bite, is a very good thing.






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