Shaved Asparagus Salad with a Poached Egg

We don’t eat out often in the city.  Which may seem odd to anyone that knows there are over 3500 restaurants in San Francisco;  not to mention the variety.  WE have a tendency to eat most of the time at Lenny’s favorite place, Chez Us.  He still says after all these years, that it is the best place to get a decent meal in the city.  *smile*

There are a few favorites that stand out, and always come to mind, when we ware asked, “what is your favorite restaurant in San Francisco?”  Contigo, Nopa, and Bar Jules are definitely our favorite dinner places.  We can honestly say we have never had bad food at either of the mentioned establishments.  We recently add dinner with some friends at Nopa, to celebrate a somewhat monumental 40ish birthday.  I have to say, every time we have eaten at Nopa, it has been consistent;  thirst quenching cocktails, lip smacking food, and beyond the call of duty service.  Consistent, is a good thing, as it will always bring us back for more.

We had this amazing shaved asparagus salad during our last visit.  Ribbons of asparagus were tossed with a very light dressing, and little tokens of crispy bacon.  On top was a “perfectly” poached egg.  We have not been able to get that salad out of our minds.  So, I recreated it.  I slaved, yes, slaved over a 1/2 pound of asparagus, as I shaved paper-thin slices. Then I gently cooked some pancetta, until crispy, but not overly browned.  I deglazed the pan with fresh Meyer lemon juice, which was the beginning to my flavorful vinaigrette, made with olive oil, red-wine vinegar, some pancetta drippings, and lemon juice.  Just before serving, I quickly blanched the ribbons of asparagus, gently patted dry, and then tossed with a small amount of vinaigrette.  Laid on top was a perfectly poached egg.  It was not the same as Nopa;  but, it was amazing.  Crispy, and silkly ribbons of asparagus, lightly coated with warm and creamy yolk.  Perfect for a light dinner;  just add a nice glass of Rose, and a bite or two of warm crusty bread.


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  1. Dear God….it’s been too long since I’ve been exploring Chez Us and it looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats on new lay-out, (as always) stunning photos, and fantastic writing. I’m so happy for you guys!

  2. Wow, that looks fantastic! It’s so SPRING!
    I’m with you, I rarely go out to eat in my home city. I prefer to cook at home and save my money so I can eat out when we travel!

  3. I’ve done shaved zucchini and carrots etc. but never asparagus. I’m really digging this and can’t wait to try it.

  4. This is my kind of salad. The seasonal ingredients here are just beautiful. I may try to add some sauteed morels on here. Ok… now I’m drooling.

  5. Ooh, this looks like what I want for breakfast! But…I have no asparagus! Sniff. I feel like I’m missing out.

  6. This looks absolutely delicious! I love asparagus and a good runny egg. Perfect for spring :) So glad I stumbled across your site! it’s fantastic.

  7. Todd Buckton says:

    Do you have your tablespoons mixed up with your teaspoons? For 2 servings the dressing works out to almost a pint of dressing. The recipe looks good but needs proofing. Thanks.

  8. Todd, yes, we do mean tablespoons. This dressing has been made a couple times, and the portions work out. Have you ever seen how much 1/2 lb of asparagus ends up being once you shave it? The recipes is amazing!

  9. Ok. Um….This salad…is freaking amazing. THANK YOU for posting this!!!

  10. This looks so good! I now have it in my recipe library! I have some asparagus and I am going to make it on Thursday night this week with the poached egg! Thank you for a great idea and recipe!

  11. Love your thoughts, recipes and inspiration. Every now and then I need to see what other people are loving and eating to keep me excited about being a chef. I love what I do but after almost 30 years of cooking for events and weddings I love finding a new site that makes me excited to try something new. Thank you!


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