We  are doing two fitness, eating and being healthy challenges.  Instead of writing about each one separately I am going to incorporate them for the month of February.

RSBC:  Run Swim Bike Cook Challenge

If you remember last weekend I announced the RSBC Challenge, an event that we are co-hosting with Christy over at Balance.  This was our first week and we did pretty well.  While we are not runners we did get a fair amount of fitness in.   Lenny and I both hit spin class twice this week.  As well he got two days of climbing in and I got a yoga and 2 pilate sessions in.


Black beans – we love black beans but never think of adding them to breakfast.  We did eat a lot of beans with our breakfasts when we were in Mexico and loved it.  This challenge reminded us of how As well we were able to get the cooking challenge in by adding the Superfood black beans into a breakfast.  Over the weekend we made a great black bean dish with Yuzu, eggs and Basque chorizo.  While we are trying to limit our meat in take for the next four weeks we could not resist adding some chorizo to our breakfast….. think of it as more protein!

Your challenge for this week is to Swim 2.4 miles.  The Superfood to incorporate into your weekly menu is butternut squash in the form of a dessert.  Be sure to email me ( your entries by midnight on the 13th of February – we cannot wait to see what you come up with!

Butternut squash – did you know it is technically a fruit, because it has seeds and is rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants.   It is low in fat, and delivers an ample dose of dietary fiber, which makes it a heart friendly choice to add to your diet.  It also provides potassium which is very important for your bones as well as B6 which is essential for your nervous and immune systems.

Ten in 10 Healthy Challenge

As mentioned we did a pretty good job at keeping within our personal goals for this challenge.  I wanted to share this week a couple things that we are doing to help keep us in check.

  • Snacks – you know how it is, late in the afternoon, you are jonsing to put something into your mouth.  I have been keeping a ziploc full of cut up celery and carrots near out desks for when we get the urge to nibble.  We just need a couple pieces and that craving is usually satisfied.
  • Drinks – we are not soda drinkers but we do love coffee.  I do have a couple cups in the morning and Lenny has been limiting coffee only to the weekends.  During the day, we both keep water bottles on our desk and we reach for them often.  As well I drink a lot of green tea throughout the day.
  • Meals – we are trying to complete a month of mostly veggie related meals.  January went so well that we are going to try to make it through February as well.  We are big into not “dieting” so instead we practice portion control.  I normally do not make enough to last more than one dinner and maybe lunch the next day and when serving up a portion, think the size of your fist.

Following is a recap of our week – it shows our weight at week 1 and what we are at now, as well as what activities we did for the week

Beg. Weight          End of Week Weight

Denise                    152                                 144                                       Spin Pilates Spin Yoga

Lenny                      175                                 161                                       Biking Spin Climb Spin Climb Climb

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