This recipe for Fennel Blood Orange Salad will surprise you!  Fennel;  we really started experimenting with it a lot a couple years ago, and wish we had discovered its many uses earlier.  It is so versatile.  You can eat it raw as a snack.  Toss it into a salad.  Roast it and add it to your mashed potatoes,  make a lovely soup, bake it into a Galette,  turn it into a creamy risotto inspired dish;  the possibilities are endless.  The taste is very unique.  A bit of black licorice that is slightly green, but very refreshing.

Fennel and Blood Orange Salad

Tonight I was inspired by a refreshing salad in the January issue of Gourmet.  It was made of thinly sliced fennel, roughly chopped oranges (we used blood oranges), shaved Parmesan, and a lovely dressing made of Pomegranate juice, olive oil and some sea salt.

To make this salad a meal we decided to add a roasted piece of fish and we chose some beautiful halibut.  We love halibut  as it has a wonderfully thick but smooth texture and, a buttery but delicate flavor.  You really do not need to add a lot of seasonings, simple is the best.  Before roasting the piece of halibut I drizzled it with olive oil, Fumee de Sel (we received as a gift & love it) and cracked black pepper.  This is a great approach for seasoning many different varieties of fish.  After preparing the fish, I slowly bake it.  Just before serving, I zest some Meyer Lemon and Blood Orange over the top, along with a drizzle of olive oil.  Perfect alongside this Fennel and Blood Orange Salad.

Bon Appetite!

Fennel and Blood Orange Salad

The citrus from the salad and the freshness of the fennel complimented the buttery delicate flavor of the fish very well.  A really nice and light dinner.

What do you like to do with Fennel?

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