Hey Hey Hey, it’s time for Donna! Hay Hay it’s Donna Day, is an event that was originally created by Barbara of Winos and Foodies and now has been taken over by the wonderful Bron Marshall. Alexandra, over at Addicted Sweet Tooth is hosting this month’s Hay Hay it’s Donna Day and lucky for all of us it is Tiramisu. The Italian classic Tiramisu translates into “Pick me up” or “Make me feel better” and after a long tiring day at work, we both needed this!


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I remember the first time I had REALLY good Tiramisu, I was over in Rome.  We were dining at a place behind the college laden stairs of the Spanish Steps, a hidden treasure, as we were told.  This treasure was called  Ristorante Alla Rampa and it turns out that they have quite the cult following.  The highlight of the evening was when this slurpy cute waiter came out and announced that Tiramisu would be for dessert;  not him!  😉  My friend, Sheena, loves the stuff and we were pretty excited to see him walking to our table with a huge bowl of Tiramisus.  The best part, we could have as much as we wanted, a little scoop, a bowl of it or just leave the serving dish and we will do it good!  This was the first time, the first real Italian Tiramisu and what a fond memory of the ultra creamy marscapone and chocolate, as it melts away on your tongue with every single bit……

I have only made Tiramisu twice, my entire cooking life. The first time, it was a long drawn out process, while it turned out delicious, it was long. Today, was the second time. All I can say, Thank You Donna! Her motto is, “Simple Made Simple” and this held true for her Tiramisu recipe as well. A mere 7 ingredients and 20 minutes later, we had Tiramisu in the fridge, just waiting to be devoured!

The end result, ultra delicious. Rich! Smooth! Creamy! Flavorful! Tasted just like a tradition Tiramisu, that takes hours to make; but, at a fraction of the time. I will keep this in mind for the next time I need a last minute and easy dessert for company.



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