What’s in your Freezer?

I saw a post over at The Kitchn asking their readers, “what is in your Freezer?” Reminded me of a post that Becks & Posh had last year, ” Chillin’ Out in the Coolest Part of the House“, where they asked their readers to post what their fridge’s looked like – unedited, mind you. Here is ours

In response to The Kitchn, here is our Freezer!

Top Shelve – Ice Cream maker, ready to use at a moments notice during summer. Ice for cocktails. Chilled glasses for more cocktails.

Bottom Shelf – container w/baking items (semolina flour, unsweet coconut flakes & almonds for macarons (the French kind), left over Tomatillo Chiptole Sauce from out Veggie Enchiladas, dark chocolate sauce and burnt caramel sauce for ice cream, lots of fresh squeezed Blood Orange juice to get us thru June, coconut milk, French Onion soup & Chicken Stock

Top Shelf – Applewood bacon, stick of butter

Bottom Shelf – Ice packs for injuries, Ians breadcrumbs, Marin Farms Beef for something and more Butter.

Hey, what is in your freezer (unedited)? Why not let us take a peek?


  1. Good question! We really need to go through it again to see if anything needs to be tossed out. From what we know from the top of our head is : some frozen meats, vodka, ice, limoncello, a gallon of stale ice cream, more vodka, cookie dough and some beef bones for the dogs “pup-sicles”!

    Oh yeah, a bag old edamame beans that are freezer burned and our ice cream maker bowls too!

  2. We use to have a bottle of limoncello, too, but we took it out last weekend – if froze!

  3. Gingerbread Boy says:

    I love your site. Your freezer is too clean. You should see what we have in ours!

  4. I think many people would be turned off at the sight of my freezer. I have everything from raw meat paste, raw fish paste to lemongrass and keffir lime leaves. It’s a little scary, actually. We recently upgraded our fridge to a french door thingy so our freezer is on the bottom. Overall, it’s cool except that things are sort of stacked on top of each other. I love that your freezer’s top shelf is dedicated to ice cream and cocktails. You guys are rock :)

  5. i have cookies and cream ice cream from dreyers, mini cheese dogs, chicken franks, ice cubes, vodka ;), green peas…it looks a little too spacious for my taste, gotta go grocery shopping soon!

  6. I finally made a blog post about this! Thanks for the idea!

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