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It is time that I start sharing some Basque recipes with you.  Don’t you agree?  This recipe is for a Basque Style Meat Marinade and Roasted Lamb Sirloin is one of my favorite recipes.  It was one of my favorite childhood food memories,  and I appreciate it even more as an adult.  Rich in flavor …

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I love French Rib Chops as I feel they really dress up a casual meal, they are so elegnant in presentation and tender in taste. I use to make this particular recipe often, many years ago, but have not done so in awhile. I love the combination of the orange zest, garlic and rosemary with the creamiest of the lamb. As well, beinggrass-fed lamb, there is a nice sweet grassiness that is very pleasant with this combination of herbs.

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This recipe for Middle Eastern Inspired Lamb Stew is super easy to make.  Choice lamb stew meat from one of our favorite ranches is seasoned with a flour and sumac seasoning then is lightly browned and simmered with stock to make a flavor-rich stew.  The finishing touches are baby potatoes, green beans, and carrots.  Kind …

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