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Fit at Fifty Week Twenty Three

Fit at Fifty Week Twenty Three

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Last week I was dragging and blamed it on being in a rut;  yay, a rut after only one month of the new year.  Then come Saturday, I woke up with a crazy sore throat and a cold.  That explained a lot such as my lack of motivation and sluggishness all week.  It was another low-key week of working out, which I am bummed about as I only have three more weeks until this challenge is over and I have 10 more pounds to lose.  Onward to how Fit at Fifty Week Twenty Three unfolded.

I stayed at the same weight which was a surprise.  I figured since I did not put much effort into my workouts that I had gained.  Was happy to know that was not the case.

My workouts were a struggle and I ended up taking a couple days off completely.  The days I did manage some cardio I slugged through spin sessions.  I am not going to lie, it was really tough.  My muscles were exhausted.  I did find some strength in doing the yoga challenge, and felt like those sessions were really the best part of my workouts last week.

Food;  as I was feeling sluggish all week, as well as recipe developing, I was not very good at tracking everything I ate. I did make sure portions were under control, I did not snack on unnecessary evils and most all meals were fairly balanced with proteins as well as healthy veggie carbs.

Three weeks left – I am going to try to make the most of this.  I feel like I need your help though as I am definitely kind of losing it and trying to keep positive as well as motivated!

How have your workouts been?  What about what you are eating?  Any new suggestions or recipes that I should try?


Beginning Weight:  145

End of week: 145


  • maintained my weight
  • did manage to get up early to do a couple of my workouts which I enjoy so much


  • did not accomplish as many cardio or yoga sessions as I had planned

What I ate and how I moved:


Moving: walked 1.3 and yoga challenge

Breakfast:  3 cups black coffee … forgot to write it down

Lunch:  forgot to write it down

Dinner: forgot to write it down

Snack: forgot to write it down



Moving: 70 minutes spin and yoga challenge

Breakfast:  3 cups black coffee, forgot to write it down

Lunch: forgot to write it down

Dinner:  forgot to write it down

Snack: forgot to write it down

Water: forgot to write it down


Moving: 60 minutes spin and yoga challenge

Breakfast: 3 cups black coffee, whole milk greek yogurt with 1/2 apple, dates and palm syrup

Lunch:  tuna melt with cheddar on 1 slice of bread

Dinner: curried lentils with kale and 6 ounces roasted rock cod

Snack: 5 dates

Water: 5 glasses (16 oz each)


Moving: spinner 65 minutes and yoga

Breakfast:  3 cups black coffee, forgot to write it down

Lunch: forgot to write it down

Dinner: forgot to write it down


Water: forgot to write it down


Moving: 75 minutes spin and Yoga Challenge

Breakfast:  3 cups black coffee, 1 egg fried with ghee and 1/2 avocado

Lunch: kale salad with watermelon radishes, raw beets and olive oil with lemon juice

Dinner: 1 serving spaghetti (about the size of my fist) with parsley, garlic and chilies

Snack: 6 dates

Water: 6 glasses (16 oz each)


Moving: walked 3.63 miles

Breakfast: 3 cups black coffee, 2 eggs scrambled with 1 slice of rye bread

Lunch: kale salad with raw beets, brussels sprouts and olive oil with lemon juice

Dinner: went out to dinner and shared tapas and two glasses red wine

Snack: 4 dates

Water: 6 glasses (16 oz each)


Moving: walked 3.37 miles

Breakfast:  3 cups black coffee, egg sandwich with 2 slices bacon and one slice of cheddar on a Portuguese roll

Lunch:  cheese and crackers – out camping

Dinner:  beef chili with cilantro, red onion and 1 tablespoon sour cream and 2 glasses red wine


Water: 5 glasses (16 oz each)

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Julie Blanner

Friday 10th of February 2017

I need to start reading this series from the beginning...I'm about to embark on my own journey and need all of the encouragement I can get! Have a beautiful weekend!

Denise Woodward

Tuesday 7th of March 2017

Julie, it was a struggle and I am still shy of 8 pounds left to lose. At least I felt great doing it by eating, exercising and being mindful. Good luck on your journey. Are you writing about it?