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Fit at Fifty Week Twenty Two

Fit at Fifty Week Twenty Two

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We had a friend over last week who lost thirty pounds in two weeks.  Yes, that is correct, not ten but thirty pounds.  He did a starvation diet that he had read about in an old Harper’s Magazine about Starving Your Way to Vigor.  I have not read the article but I already do not agree with starving myself and drinking water for two weeks to lose weight.  After we talked about it for a bit, I was asked why I wouldn’t do it to reach my goal by February 20.  Simple, I do not agree with “fads” for losing weight, I do not think starving one’s self is healthy and I want to prove to myself that I can do it by enjoying the food I love, using portion control and working out.  For me it is more about being healthy and fit than skinny and sick.  Happy to report that my Fit at Fifty Week Twenty Two challenge, I have lost another pound.  I feel those pounds melting off, well, maybe not melting but slowly disappearing.

Fit at Fifty Week Twenty Two

The past week was good.  I got a lot of cardio in, some weights and yoga every day.  Yoga every day is a big thing for me as I am not a fan of it but I can honestly say I am coming around.  I actually look forward to doing my sessions now.  I am seeing small results in the way my clothes are fitting and I just feel stronger.  For weights, I keep a small handset in the kitchen and while I am making coffee or waiting for something to cook, I grabbed them.  I consider it multitasking!

I am getting a little bored with spin but I feel that is because of the weather.  I prefer doing my cardio in the morning as it energizes me for the entire day.  Recently it has been cold and rainy and I cannot get myself out of bed to do so;  which means I have to do it at the end the day, and I have been dragging.  This week I am working hard on kicking that sleepy habit.

Food, I have been really good about portion control as well as eliminating wine except on the weekends;  I enjoy a glass while cooking and maybe one with dinner.  I have been upping my veggie intake and making some new recipes that I cannot wait to share with you.  I think you will like them – good clean, seasonal dishes!  Also, I have added a big glass of water first thing in the morning.  I do not add lemon just a big glass of the elixir of life to start the day.  And tea, we have been making a pot of tea for the office and enjoying it all afternoon.  Both have been a great addition to the day.

I would love your thoughts on the Starvation Diet – have you read the article?  Thought?  How are you doing with your challenge of building a healthier you?



Beginning Weight:  146

End of week: 145


  • Lost a pound
  • Added more veggies to my diet
  • yoga 5 days in a row
  • Spin 4 days


  • skipped a few lunches;  need to be better about not doing this as I usually am starving by the time it is dinner
  • also need to try to add more snacks during the day so I do not feel the need to amp up my meal servings

What I ate and how I moved:


Moving: walked 3.79 miles and yoga challenge

Breakfast:  3 cups black coffee, 1 egg fried with ghee, 2 strips bacon and 1 slice toast

Lunch:  late breakfast

Dinner: 1 large serving roasted squash and rice salad recipe with kale

Snack:  3 dates

Water: 7 glasses (16 oz each)


Moving: 71 minutes spin and yoga challenge

Breakfast:  3 cups black coffee, 1 poached egg with toast and half an avocado

Lunch: 2 cups kale with chick peas and lemon dressing

Dinner:  1 serving freekkah and kabocha recipe

Snack:  Hummus with Cucumber slices

Water: 5 glasses (16 oz each)


Moving: 74 minutes spin and yoga challenge

Breakfast: 3 cups black coffee, 1/2 cup steel cut oats with 1 banana and blueberries

Lunch:  Kale and freekkah salad with lemon dressing

Dinner: roasted kobocha with kale and chick pea salad

Snack: 5 dates

Water: 5 glasses (16 oz each)


Moving: walked 3259 steps

Breakfast:  3 cups black coffee, 2 scrambled eggs with 1 slice bacon and 1/2 avocado

Lunch:  1/2 tuna sandwich – made with green onion, mayo, celery and dill on 1 large slice of Daves Killer Bread

Dinner: went out for heavy appetizer dinner – oysters, fried pig ears, charcuteries and 2 glasses of white wine


Water: 5 glasses (16 oz each)


Moving: 62 minutes spin and Yoga Challenge

Breakfast:  3 cups black coffee, 1/2 cup steel cut oats with apples and dates

Lunch: 2 corn tortillas with melted cheese

Dinner: 1 serving Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup and large serving kale salad


Water: 5 glasses (16 oz each)


Moving: 4012 steps and yoga challenge

Breakfast: 3 cups black coffee, 1/2 cup whole milk greek yogurt, 1/3 cup blueberries and 1 teaspoon honey

Lunch: leftover Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup

Dinner: potato and onion spanish tortilla 


Water: 6 glasses (16 oz each)


Moving: 60 minute spin

Breakfast:  3 cups black coffee, leftover tortilla

Lunch:  late breakfast

Dinner:  Homemade Cioppino


Water: 7 glasses (16 oz each)

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