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Fit at Fifty Catch Up

Fit at Fifty Catch Up

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Hola!  Back from Cuba, which was amazing, and now I am trying to figure out Fit at Fifty Week Fifteen, Sixteen and Seventeen.  How did that happen … to keep it all simple I am not going to list my meals or exercise for this catch up.  Just going to give you the skinny for Fit at Fifty Catch Up.  I am back at keeping track moving forward so future updates will be more actuate.  Can you believe I only have two more months of this challenge – time to kick it up a notch or two.

The good news I lost four pounds on vacation.  I attribute it to eating the healthiest I have in a while;  three fairly balanced meals a day, full of fresh ingredients, proteins, tons of fruit and seafood.   I ate ceviche and lobster almost every day.  Plus, I enjoyed icy cold beers and rum drinks. I did not hold back at all.  Cuba agreed with me and helped my waistline.  Confession, I did not track any of my meals, and I did not exercise except for walking a lot every day.  If you are interested in checking out how many steps and miles, I did use my fitbit while there.  Moral of the story, good clean living and walking does wonders for one’s body.

Beginning Weight:  151

End of week: 147


  • I enjoyed everything while away but kept portions down
  • Walked a lot, up to 25K steps a day


  • Nothing – I felt great when returning.

What I ate and how I moved:


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