When people ask what Chez Us is about, I always have a hard time describing exactly what we are all about.  We are a food site that is filled with easy to make recipes using real food.  When Tillamook reached out about a collaboration for Real Food Sunday, I replied: “Yes, as we are all about Real Food every day and we love Sunday Suppers even more.”  What I enjoy about this recipe for Creamy Dijon Chicken and Mushrooms is how creamy the sauce is from using wholesome farm style yogurt.

Creamy Dijon Chicken and Mushrooms

I have a back pocket full of recipes that never make Chez Us for this reason and that reason.  Mostly I make the recipe later in the evening and do not have time to shoot the finished dish before we devour it.  I have ever told you that we rarely have leftovers at home so shooting the next day is rarely an option.  I was excited to be able to put some time into making one of our favorite meals for this celebration of coming together.

While making dinner at home every night very important to us, Sunday suppers are even more special.  We tend to hit the farmers market in the morning, grabbing fresh ingredients that are in season, and then we head home with a million ideas on our minds.  Extra time is spent in the kitchen making a meal that is just a bit more special.

Creamy Dijon Chicken and Mushrooms

Recipe:  Creamy Dijon Chicken and Mushrooms


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