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Fit at Fifty Week Seven

Fit at Fifty Week Seven

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Subconsciously, I feel I have been putting this week’s Fit at Fifty Week Seven off.  Maybe hoping it would go away as it was a disaster in my opinion.  I did not do anything I have been so diligently keeping up on, like working out and eating right or at least better.  We were home for two of the days which was good as I started the week off well, then we traveled to a client event, and life fell apart.

This event consists of staying at a hotel with not a lot of eating options – was excited that they opened a cafe this year.  YAY for breakfast sandwiches!  Otherwise, not many great options for eating.  As well, the days are long, and I did not get any gym time in, even though, sneakers did travel with me.  I did manage to do some evening yoga.  I didn’t lose anything, instead stayed the same weight, which I was surprised as I ate like crap….

One of my readers wrote to me about how I should be sharing my steps or miles as part of my moving.  Thank You for keeping me honest and reminding me that this is part of moving!  Moving forward I will do that!  As well, I promise to write out my meal planning as my friend Amy suggested.  I stocked up at the store today!  Some of you also asked the spin classes I like to use at home?  I am putting together a list on my YouTube channel and will share next week!

Now to the fun part ….

Are you using a FitBit – let’s motivate each other!  I can be found here …. FitBit Tracking.

Beginning Weight:  151

End of week: 151


  • Did evening yoga before bed.


  • Did not eat right.
  • Did not go to the gym.

What I ate and how I moved:


Moving: walked 2.52 miles

Breakfast:  2 cups black coffee, 1/3 cup whole milk greek yogurt with 6 blackberries and 1/2 fig cheese danish

Lunch: 8 wheat thins – was at soccer match

Dinner: 2 glasses red wine, 1 slice pizza and large serving of salad


Water: 5 glasses (16 oz each)

Monday – fly day

Moving: walked 4.25 miles and evening yoga

Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg with avocado and 1 slice Dave’s Killer Bread toast.

Lunch: black tea (was on plane)

Dinner:  1 mexican beer, 1 grilled fish taco, 1 el pastor taco and 1/4 order of carnitas fries and 1 1/2 glasses chardonnay

Water: 5 glasses (16 oz each)


Moving: walked 3.01 miles and evening yoga

Breakfast:  1 cup black coffee, 1/2 egg, cheese and ham english muffin


Dinner:  1 short rib taco with guacamole, 1/2 large caesar salad and 2 chicken wings and 1 glass red wine

Water: 3 glasses (16 oz each)


Moving: walked 2.43 miles and evening yoga

Breakfast:  1 cup black coffee and 1 egg, cheese and ham english muffin

Lunch:  iceberg salad with carrots and vinegar and oil dressing and half a rye turkey sandwich with mustard

Dinner:  ceviche tostada with avocado and 1 glass of red wine

Water:  5 glasses (16 oz each)


Moving: walked 2.35 miles

Breakfast:  1 cup black coffee and 1 egg, cheese and ham english muffin

Lunch:  1 small chicken breast with samba and 1/4 cup white rice

Dinner: 2 margaritas, 1/2 chicken enchilada and 1/2 octopus tostada

Water: 4 glasses (16 oz each) and 3 glasses of black tea


Moving:  walked 2.88 miles and evening yoga

Breakfast:  1 cup black coffee and 1 egg, cheese and ham english muffin

Lunch: 1/2 of a veggie sandwich

Dinner:  1 light beer and 1 el pastor taco and 1 carnitas taco and 2 glasses of red wine

Water:  5

Saturday – flying

Moving: walked 1.9 miles – was sick all day with sinus cold

Breakfast:  2 cups black coffee and 1 egg, cheese and ham english muffin

Lunch: 1/2 apple with parmesan cheese (on plane)

Dinner: pork ramen and 3 glass of red wine at home

Water: 6 glasses water (16 oz each)

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Saturday 15th of October 2016

Travel and dieting are tough to deal with. Not sure if this tip helps but when I travel, I don't eat out. I pack homemade granola for daily breakfast and as soon as I arrive I find the nearest grocery store... fruit, yogurt, salad bar, etc. then go back to the hotel and cram everything into the mini fridge. Call room service for juice, milk utensils and tip them. Travel food is the worst!!!

Denise Woodward

Monday 17th of October 2016

Doesn't it? I wish we were at the liberty of staying somewhere which made it easier for having at least breakfast in our room but unfortunately it doesn't. We are at the mercy of staying in the hotel our client's events are at. I do like that room service tip - great one!


Thursday 13th of October 2016

Disaster? Failure? Be nicer to yourself. Be kind to yourself. That's part of taking care of yourself. Yes, you are being accountable and transparent but give yourself a nice break!

Denise Woodward

Monday 17th of October 2016

Thank you Leslie for making me realize a lot. For instance not being so hard on myself and for appreciably what I am doing by sharing. Your pep talk really helped! :)

Denise Woodward

Friday 14th of October 2016

Thanks so much for your kind words Leslie. Taking it to heart, and I appreciate you following along and reading. have a great weekend!