Is it weird that every time I travel for business, where we tend to eat like crap, I come home craving chicken, and a green salad or endives?  Yes, endives!  No particular chicken recipe, just chicken.  We use to live near a grocery store, and it was easy to swing by on the way home from the airport, grab a chicken, some bread and cheese, endives and a bottle of red.  Now, it takes a bit more planning as for where we live is not so convenient.  Which means, I usually have something tucked away in the freezer to warm up upon getting home.  We are on a business trip now, and all, I can think about, is this Chicken Paillard recipe, and the frozen breasts tucked into the freezer.

Chicken Paillard


This is one of those recipes; that is simple enough to make in a flash, but elegant enough to serve at a dinner party.  Simple and fresh ingredients are the stars for this recipe that I worked on for Eat Boutique last year.  I like to leave the skin on as it is full of flavor, as well it helps keep the flesh moist.  The seasonings are staples in our pantry and should be in yours;  thyme, lemons, butter, and olive oil.  All that is left is a little time with a mallet to pound out the meat, and then sautéed until golden.  I told you it would be a simply elegant way to enjoy dinner.

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Recipe:  Chicken Paillard

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