Dearest Readers of The Chez Us,

I regret to inform you that Denise Woodward has fallen ill. Yes, once again this year, she has contracted a cold, fever, flu, or something. I dunno. Where is this coming from? We don’t even have chillans.

Saltines | Chez Us


I know you’re deeply concerned.  Who is cooking for Laudalino?  Is he getting enough sleep with all that coughing?  Rest assured, I’m ok.  I haven’t even noticed she has been sleeping on the couch.  There’s a down comforter and a TV in the other room, so all the bases are covered.

As for eating, I’ve rediscovered my love for ol’ fashioned Saltine Cracker. You know the ones from the fine folks at Nabisco. How can something so retro not be beloved by the open minded hipster community?

The bigger question is why are saltines so damn good, and why do we only have them when we’re sick? What magical properties do saltine crackers possess? What’s the secret ingredient?

How about that ginger ale?  Why is ginger ale only reserved for sick days? (And flying.)  Apparently Target doesn’t carry Fever Tree, so she bought Canada Dry.  Tragic, I know.  I’m more of a Schweppes kinda’ guy.  How can one resist its Schweppervescence?


Saltines | Chez Us


I leave you with this “Oh baby just you shut your mouth. She says: sh-sh-shhh…” Free box of crackers (maybe) if you can name that artist.

Have a great weekend.



** disclaimer this is not a sponsored post, all opinions are of my own.


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