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Guaycura Hotel Todos Santos Mexico

Guaycura Hotel Todos Santos Mexico

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Guaycuras were the founders of Todos Santos, and were hunters and gathers who founded the small Mexican village of Todos Santos.  They fished with spears, and hunted with bows and arrows, and lead a simple life.  Unfortunately, around 1800s, illness as well as clashes with soldiers, decimated the Guaycuras, then they vanished.  Today, the Guaycura is small boutique hotel located in Todos Santos.  We had the pleasure of calling it home for 5 nights during our trip to Mexico.

Guaycura Hotel

The Guaycura hotel is a gorgeous red-brick building located near the center of town which dates back to the mid 19th Century.  Originally, it was built as a family home for the Dominguez Family, but was later sold to be used as a girls school.  During the building’s life time, it has also been a music school as well as a jail.  Regardless, the history is rich, and the INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and History) and CONACULTA (National Council for Culture and Arts) granted permissions for saving the building and remodeling it has a hotel.

Lobby Guaycura Hotel

Upon walking into the lobby of the Guaycura Hotel the front desk manager, Veronica Garcia, immediately made us feel as if we were family returning home for a visit.  She proceeded to lead our weary traveling bodies to the gorgeous room #205, along the way pointing out highlights of the hotel, such as the amazing art work that covers the walls, as well as indulging us in extracurricular activities available at the hotel.  We were excited about our journey and stay.

Room 205 Guaycura Hotel

I use to be in the travel business, and to this day, the small things a hotel does means more for me than the “big name” it may carry.  What made the Guaycura Hotel so incredibly wonderful was the personal attention to small detail throughout the property.  Room 205 as the other 13 rooms are tastefully decorated in Mexican Colonial decor, using soothing white linens against splashes of bright blue or pink, and all of the rooms have gorgeous terra cotta tile floors.  Some rooms have private terraces such as room 205, and some have insanely gorgeous hand-made copper tubs (the copper is used throughout the rooms and bathrooms).

Guaycura Hotel

The rooms were not only romantic, but also comfortable with details such as Egyptian bed linen, DVD Players, iPod speakers and free internet.  Not to mention air conditioning for sultry hot days.  Luxurious bath products and cozy robes made relaxing after a long day, even more enjoyable. We could have literally just packed a swimsuit and shorts in our carry on.  The staff went out of their way to make us feel at home on a daily basis;  such as after our early morning walks around Todos Santos, Frank would bring us a pot of coffee to be enjoyed on our private terrace before breakfast.  Miss those mornings.

Sitting area Guaycura Hotel

The Guaycura Hotel does not stop at only gorgeous sleeping rooms, as there are small nooks tucked away for escaping for a few moments, either in the library or a small art room off of the lobby.  As well there is also an amazing roof-top bar and pool area called the Sky Deck, where you can cool off during the day with a dip in the pool, or watch amazing sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.  Every night we began our evening with a cocktail watching the sun slowly dip into the sea;  it was heaven.  We even enjoyed a romantic dinner up there one evening.  The view is amazing as it overlooks groves of palm trees from one side, and colored roof-tops of Todos Santos peek at you from the other side.

Morning coffee Guaycura Hotel

Don’t worry about going hungry as the hotel offers breakfast, lunch and dinner in their open air restaurant which features a seasonal menu that showcases fresh fish, seafood and produce from nearby farms.  Most of the dishes have a slight Mediterranean flair with touches of classic Mexican flavor.  For instance, they serve an amazing green chili chilaquiles during breakfast, yes, that was a favorite as well as platters of fresh local fruits.  Before lunch or dinner, you can grab a refreshing beverage or cocktail in the nearby bar Don Guillermo, which has a gorgeous moorish ceiling that was hand painted by artist Jorgeloy Teran.

Guaycura Hotel Pool

If being at the hotel and in Todos Santos is not enough to relax you, there is also a lovely spa tucked away next to the pool.  We did not get a chance to experience any of the treatments but definitely have it on our to-do list during our next trip.

Guaycura Hotel Terrace

While the hotel is impeccable, what really made our stay beyond the moon, was the amazing staff.  Everyone was incredibly warm, helpful and friendly.  At the end of our journey, we were sad to know we would not see their smiling faces every day, and that our stay was coming to an end.  We were definitely made to feel as if we were part of their family, and we eagerly await our next visit.

Guaycura Hotel Staff


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