Mushrooms should be a staple in everyone’s kitchen. I am sure you have heard me say this over and over again; it is true. I always have a small supply of cremini on hand for emergency meals as they can be used in everything from breakfast all the way down to dessert.

When we moved from the city over to West Oakland I was turned onto a new market by my friend Megan.
Though it is a bit of a drive from our house, it is worth the 20 minutes in the car as their produce rocks.
And their mushrooms are abundant. Most of them are hand picked up in Northern California. Did I mention the ridiculously low prices?? It is a treat as I have been adding other favorite fungi to my usual kitchen crop of cremini.

Recently I found a gorgeous selection of baby shiitakes as well as oyster mushrooms. I brought a bundle home to make a mushroom ragout that I was working on for the Mushroom Channel. Half way through preparing the recipe I decided it would be perfect served with Taleggio polenta. To enhance the flavor of the earthy mushrooms and the tangy polenta, I added a healthy dose of citrus and garlic with a gremolata. It was perfect as a meatless meal; hearty but light. And beyond flavorful.


Recipe: Mushroom Ragout with Gremolata
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