Winter has finally hit the Bay Area, and we couldn’t be happier.  It has rained, almost, non stop the past week;  which makes us want to cozy up at home, watch movies, lounge around and eat big warm bowls of soup.  I do have to admit it is hardier to motivate to begin those new year resolutions with weather like this, but we’ll take it!  The good thing about resolutions is this recipe for a creamy Roasted Mushroom Parsnip Soup as it is great for the waistline regardless if you have started your resolutions or not.


Roasted Mushroom Parsnip Soup


One of our favorite soups this winter has been this recipe for a Creamy Roasted Mushroom Parsnip soup which is easy to make and full of flavor.  One of the bonus points with this recipe is that it is completely dairy free, but still is rich and creamy!  What gives this soup it’s rich flavor is roasting the mushrooms before making into the soup base.  Roasting helps bring out the rich and earthy flavor of the mushrooms, adding a crazy depth to the soup.  Parsnips, well they are just a fun addition and act as the thickener for the soup.


Roasted Mushroom Parsnip Soup

Recipe:  Roasted Mushroom Parsnip Soup

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