Angel Food Cake

I love the power of social media.  One of the things that I find special about it besides relationships that are born is the creativity that is provoked by one small snippet.  The other day as I was enjoying my coffee and catching up, I saw a tweet from Brandi, about an angel food cake recipe.  I have not really thought about angel food cake in years.  I have enjoyed it, but have not really thought about it until Brandi planted that seed.  A seed that continued growing ….

Angel Food Cake

I was suddenly taken back to a time when I was a little girl.  I remember my grandmother and mom baking it.  It came from a box, and there was a special pan, one with little legs that helped with cooling the fresh baked cake.  I remember the floury mixture, and the sweet smell as it mixed and tripled in volume until finally it oozed over the top of the mixing bowl.  I loved the caramelly warm sugar smell of the cake as it baked, and how the top slightly cracked.  I would anxiously peek into the oven waiting for it to be finished while being gently reminded “not to open the oven door”.  And my favorite part was when the cake came out of the pan.  I would take my dirty little fingers and scoop out the crumbs that clung to the sides of the pan.  Eagerly, I would nibble off the sugary sweetness.

Once I saw that tweet from Brandi, and relived that brief moment, I went to find the pan I had inherited.  I hadn’t used it in years as I thought making angel cake would be labor intensive.  I had time today, and we were celebrating so it would be worth it.  Luckily, I had all the ingredients on hand that were needed for my recipe;  eggs, cake flour and sugar.  On a whim, I added lemon zest from one of the few lingering Meyer lemons.  Last minute I added vanilla bean paste as I love the little speckles of bean in baked goods.  Angel food cake is like heaven, it is as light as a cloud and as sweet as eternity.

And I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot of angel food cake this summer.

Angel Food Cake

This month we are celebrating by sharing this cake with you.  What are we celebrating you ask?  Chez Us has turned 6!  Six years of getting to know you, and of sharing our lives, memories and recipes.  While there have been ups and downs to blogging, in the end, it is something, we enjoy doing so we keep doing it.  We are blessed from the relationships that have formed near and far.  We enjoy reading your comments about how a recipe changed your life.  We enjoy getting emails telling us your children are now eating cauliflower because of a recipe we made for you.  Or maybe we wrote about a memory that touched us, and through social media you stumbled upon that memory that really belonged to you.  Whatever the reasoning is for you being here, we thank you, and we hope to continue feeding you as long as we can continue cooking.

To thank you for your continued support we have finally updated the site.  We met a wonderful woman during the MIXED event, her name is Kita, and she has many talents besides cooking.  She develops websites!  It was a joy to work with her, and she helped make our virtual kitchen easier for you to navigate around.  A few highlights for us (and we hope you) are the sections we created of What’s In Season and Camping Grub;  we plan to change this area with each season and what is available to us.  As well we are highlighting a few fun areas we enjoy in the kitchen off on the right hand side of the front page.  One of the most exciting areas is our newly designed Recipe Index.  It is all still a work in progress as we tweak areas, and we are getting there.  Soon all recipes will be printable – yeah!  Sign up for our newsletter to be in the know as we will be announcing fun things along the way.  Is there something you’d like to see us do over at Chez Us?  Let us know;  leave a comment or drop us a note.


Angel Food Cake


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  1. love the new look! love this angel food cake – and you’ve inspired me to make more of them. i just made another one this week!

    happy 6 years to you! i’m so glad i had the chance to meet you last fall, and I can’t wait to see you guys again this year.

  2. I’ve always loved me some angel food cake! Aaaaaand then we had to make them at baking school. With a chef instructor and a stop watch. So now I like angel food cake much more when someone else makes it for me…

    Happy 6th!!

  3. Happy happy birthday Chez You!!! :) Congrats on 6 successful years and cheers to many more to come. I love seeing two of my favorite people work together and what Kita did is totally awesome. You know I love color and this site just makes me happy to look at. As for the recipe, my mom never really made angel food cake so I don’t have any specific memories around i but I loved reading yours. I felt like I was a kid, too and right there with you, dirty little hands and all. I also love the tweaks you made with the Meyer lemon and vanilla bean paste. Angel food always seemed so boring to me but these additives perked it up perfectly without being overpowering. Congrats again! Hope you’re both well. C

  4. And here I am looking at YOUR angel food cake and thinking back not only to the same boxed mix my dad baked and we ate when I was a kid (and I have my dad’s pan with the little legs) but to the recipe card in my brother’s handwriting with his from-scratch recipe for angel food cake and chocolate glaze. I have had this card close to me for a year or so since I found it but haven’t baked it yet. But yours is so perfect, so gorgeous, now I must. But I will add that I baked two cakes for my wedding: one was a sponge cake that looked just like your angel food cake only a tad yellower and I served it with berry coulis and berries… as have you. I love social media.

    Happy Happy Happy Six Years to both of you. How lucky I am to have gotten to know you.

  5. It was great working with you guys! I loved this build and the colors. Beautiful angel food cake (which I rarely get right!). Now, how do I get me a slice as an add on bonus ;D

  6. I love the new site!! Kita is so talented. And I must say, that angel food cake is stunning. Congrats on six years and cheers to the adventures ahead. :)

  7. PIN! this cake looks amazing. And congratulations!

  8. Love the new site!

  9. I love your pictures, the dark background goes great with the angel food cake and the candles.

  10. Is there anything more wonderful to nibble on for dessert than a perfect angel food cake loaded with berries? I don’t think so.

  11. Jarome says:

    Angelic Cake it is! looks delish. :)

  12. Kita is definitely a master at her craft(s)! Love the look and the angel food cake!

  13. Oh my! This cake is so gorgeous :) the photos are perfect, I cant taste this already!

  14. I wish I ate angel food cake more often! Thanks for bringing it back to the front my mind :) Congrats on 6 years!!

  15. I have the same childhood memories of scraping out the empty angel food cake pan…and I still do it! Happy anniversary!!!

    PS…Kita did a smashing job :)


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