Cranberry Gin Blush Cocktail

It is still cranberry season, and it would not be fair of me not to share cranberry gin and this recipe for a blush cocktail with you.  In the height of holiday planning, wrapping gifts, entertaining, and traveling, I got a wild whim to make cranberry gin.  I mean, why not add just one more thing to my to-do list.  I had seen a recipe floating around the Internet, and I was intrigued as I do love to flavor gins and vodkas with fruit or herbs.  Unfortunately, I could not find the recipe, and all I remember is that it was made with gin, cranberries and sugar.  So I winged it.

Cranberry Gin Blush Cocktail

The process is simple.  I took a bag of fresh cranberries (12 ounces) and lightly macerated them.  Then I divided them between two mason jars, which I filled with a bottle of gin (one bottle divides nicely between two large jars).  After putting the lid on (yes, I just told you to do that), I gave the jars a shake, shake, shake and slipped them into the freezer.  There they sat for two weeks.  Once the gin was a lovely shade of pink, I strained it through 2 layers of cheesecloth.  Re-bottled the gin into the original bottle;  did I forgot to mention, do not toss out the gin bottle!  Once the gin is re-bottled slip it back into the freezer to enjoy.  You may be wondering where the sugar gets added?  I did not want the gin to be overly sweet as I was planning to use it in cocktails, so I did not add any sugar.  The gin is perfect on its own over ice;  slightly tart (thank you cranberries) with a juniper berry undertone.  It just needs a little twist to complete this on the rocks beverage.  Very refreshing.

Now on to the cocktails ….  The obvious cocktail to make is a pink gin and tonic.  Or how about pink ramos fizzes;  perfect for a romantic breakfast in bed.  How about making your partner “blush” with this romantic cocktail.  I thought this would be perfect for Valentines’s Day.  Oh, did I mention, I am in the mood to do girly things for Valentines day this year.  I never do anything beyond a card and making a special dinner at home.  Sounds like any ole day doesn’t it?  I have been thinking traditions and romance a lot lately, and I confessed to Lenny, today, that he may be seeing some hearts floating around pre-February 14.

Blush cocktail is a romantic and whimsically cocktail made with cranberry gin, St. Germain, Bitter Lemon and rhubarb bitters, and it will definitely put you in the mood for love.

Happy pre-Valentine’s Day!


**  after searching online for cranberry gin, I moved onto “pink gin” which opened another cocktail door.  There is such a thing as pink gin, and it is a cocktail that was made fashionable by the British and is basically gin with a dash of pink Angostura bitters with a little lemon rind as a garnish.  Served simply in a chilled glass.  Cannot wait to venture deeper into the history of pink gin.







  1. I love how simple and lovely this cocktail is. Going to have to add it to my list!

  2. Wow this is a stunning post Denise. A pink drink without being a ridiculous sugary pink drink. And hey, if you need someone to ask about pink gin, you can ask my Mr Neil. His mum (British and despite 50 years in Canada still sounds like the Queen!) has a pink gin every day. She’s 88 this year and it’s served her well!

  3. this looks like the perfect v-day cocktail! :) I love that you are more into romance and girly things this Valentines…send some of those vibes my way…i’m usually the same way card and dinner, no fuss.

  4. Jenna, I was thinking the same thing! And we love St. Germain. Have you tried it?

  5. Thanks Mardi. I was reading up on Pink Gin – who knew there was even a drink called that. I am going to give it a whirl this week! What is Neil’s favorite gin?

  6. Kristen, it really is lovely and it does put some romance in the air! :)


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