We are itching to go on vacation.  It has been two long years since we had a real vacation, and that was a glorious summer spent in France.  I am finding myself talking about faraway places terribly often.  I even have Lenny chatting about it, and he is usually the one who is sensible;  we need to stay home, focus and work.  Now I find him daydreaming along with me.  I think we are truly wanders at heart, and if a long-lost Uncle Bob suddenly left us his millions, it wouldn’t be hard for us to begin that journey together.

When we begin chatting about holidays, Paris always comes to mind first.  It is a love of ours and we never get tired of going there. Lately, I have been losing myself in Greece.  Do I even dare share this with you?  Before you know it we will be bumping shoulders.  Then I started discovering more of Greece on Instagram.  Why am I doing this to myself?  After scouring gorgeous photos, I have worked up an appetite and head over to Peter’s, where I lose myself over plates and plates of delicious Greek food.


This is only the beginning … it gets worse.  We have been painting the house this week and have been tossing around colors for the powder room.  Greece is under our skin in a bad way, and now our powder room has stark white walls and an Isle of Capri blue ceiling (yes, that was the name of the paint we were drawn too).  Now we sit in that little powder room dreaming of sand under our toes, sunshine beating on our shoulders and an Ouzo in our hand.

In the meantime, while we continue to contemplate jumping boat, we have this delicious recipe that will take you to a Greek island more affordably.  It is a spin off of a dish we love Pork Souvlaki.  We adore making meatballs and have been playing with different meats, seasonings and takes on a tradition meatball.  Wait until you taste the winter one we will be sharing once it begins to get chilly out.  This recipe, I can say, has become a favorite.  I use ground lamb and heavily season it with lemon zest and juice (why waste any of it), fresh garlic and oregano.  Then I brown the little meatballs alongside shallots and garlic that have been sautéed with olive oil.  Such a refreshing and light take on otherwise heavy meatball.  Perfect served over a smear of tzatziki on a warm slice of lavash.



Recipe:  Tzatziki


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