Rosemary Preserved Lemon Spritzer (non-alcoholic)

Happy Friday!  Happy weekend!  This is going to be a down and dirty post;  probably the shortest I have ever written.  I have a pile of paperwork that I am dying to get off of my desk before I turn 45!  As well, I promised you a great non-alcoholic cocktail for the weekend, and I am delivering.

We have a few friends who are now pregnant, and I thought it would be fun to create some cocktail recipes to have on-hand for when they come over.  Right?  I, mean, it isn’t fair that we are all sipping pretty drinks, and they have a boring glass of water or frizzy fruit water from the store.

This recipe is made using my new favorite simple syrup from the Morris Kitchen, the Preserved Meyer Lemon syrup (no, I am not working for them … just loving the product).  I have been making cocktails and baking with it like crazy.  It is insanely good.  As well I have been playing with Tomr’s Handcrafted Tonic and am really enjoying the clean taste that it adds to a simple cocktail.  If you cannot find it, use your favorite tonic, just skip the bubbly water.  We do use bubbly water, only because we make it at home, using the Penguin.  If, you don’t make your own, use club soda with the Tomr’s.  To make the cocktail more fun, I, added rosemary and some insanely delicious cocktail cherries (they are worth the price).  It is really that simple.  Really.

Need more inspiration for the weekend:

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  1. I saw the “non-alcoholic” and was wondering if I could continue reading. So glad I did! Looks awesome!

  2. Brian, you need to pick up some of this syrup, equally as good with a couple jiggers of gin!! Do it!

  3. Denise…
    Thanks fro the GREAT nonalcoholic use for the tonic…
    Glad you had a chance to try it with the intended Gin as well!!


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