I am not sure about you, but the holidays seem to leave me in a whirlwind.  They always sneak up on me, and just run right through our household.  I never feel like we have enough time to really enjoy them.  And every year, on January 1, I say the same thing, “this year will be different”.  Now, I find myself staring at the calendar as I flip to December, wondering how I am going to get everything done, with no idea of where to begin.  I hate it.

I do know, that having a couple meals planned out in advance seems to help.  I am a big fan of one-pot meals, during moments when I feel like life is taking whirling by, and no better time then the holidays.  Right?  This is only one of many one-pot meals I love, and it is a favorite.  My friend, Evelyn, introduced this to me, early in our relationship.  When I first saw it, I thought she was losing her mind.  I mean, prunes with chicken?!  Then I tried it.  I was sold.  I have changed around the recipe over time.  Now I add rosemary as well as fresh Meyer Lemons.  Otherwise, it is the same comfortable meal, that I had for the first time 10 years ago.

This recipe is filled with flavors from zesty lemons, all the way down to gooey, sweet prunes.  In my opinion there is nothing like slow-braised chicken fat, mixed with lemon, rosemary, prunes, and a little sugar;   yum!  I am sure if you put this on the table, even the pickiest of your eaters will love it!

Recipe:  Chicken Marabella 

* was developed and featured for Eat Boutique


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