Homemade Hot Buttery Lobster Roll

Who knew that the Lobster Roll was such a controversial sandwich.  I mean it is a sandwich with lobster.  Not true our friends.  Some like it cold.  Some like it hot.  Some like celery.  Some like relish.  One thing everyone does agree on is that it has to have lobster!

When I developed a cold lobster roll recipe for Eat Boutique, little did I know what would happen.  By the time I woke up the morning after Maggie posted the recipe, I had a slew of twitter comments about how “the broads on the West Coast” don’t know how to make a decent lobster roll.  I mean common, what is up with the “green stuff”.  Geez, it is only a summertime sandwich, folks!

For the record, one of these “broads” is actually not a “broad”.  Being a regular reader;  you already know this.  For those of you that may be new to our site, Laudalino (aka … Lenny) is the other half.  He is also a former New Englander.  Lenny does know his lobster and has very strong opinions about it.  For instance, he doesn’t even think it should be made into a roll or other known sandwich type meal; he humors me and actually liked these lobster rolls.  He also does not think one should drown their lobster in butter;  rather it should be eaten plain or dipped into Joe’s spicy Azorean sauce.  Like all lobster lovers, there is not right nor wrong way to enjoy the crustaceans;  it all is pretty personal.

I have been doing my lobster roll research since the said incident happened, and two things are common in almost all recipes, 1) there is something green, from relish all the way down to celery;  2) almost all recipes call for “good mayo” such as Hellmans/Best Foods or homemade;  no knock-offs or no-names.  The other option is to serve your lobster roll hot, which basically is drowned in good butter;  and don’t forget the “green stuff”.

The same time us broads were developing our lobster roll recipes we decided to also throw in a hot version, after all, the one we had at Neptune’s was outstanding.  We kept it simple;  really good butter (not margarine) and a little bit of the “green stuff”.  It was damn good.  Buttery, slightly spicy and tangy.  Even the “broad” who is not a “broad” could not decide which he liked better, the cold version or the hot version and he doesn’t even like east coast lobster rolls.

Guarantee it doesn’t matter what coast, continent or country you are in if there is lobster around and you like a good roll, you will love either of these easy and delicious recipes.  Happy summer!

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  1. God have mercy on your soul.

    strike one- frozen lobster meat

    strike two- lemon? who needs to mask the taste of the most succulent meat on earth with lemon?

    strike three- the golden rule. nothing green should ever touch your lobster roll

    strike four- onions, really?

    strike five- when you have more celery than lobster meat you know you’ve got a problem

    I understand how you are trying to differentiate your lobster roll recipe from others but really the beauty of teh lobster roll is it’s purity and simplicity.

    Can’t you broads out in California stick to getting all crazy with tofu or sumthin more west coastie?

    You’re gonna go and give our lobsters a bad name. Oy!

    or at least rename the title to “Homemade Hot Celery With a Hint of Frozen Lobster If You Can’t Get Live Ones Recipe”

    Have a great day and try not to be late for yoga. :)

  2. I’m sorry but, I cannot recommend the above recipe because:

    A traditional New England lobster roll needs nothing but real, fresh lobster meat from NE lobsters with maybe a little mayonaise. It does not need anything added to change the taste of lobster or to color it.

    One should never use frozen lobster meat unless as a last resort and should be prepared for an interior product if you do. The same for adding “color”. Celery, peppers, relish and other ingredients are never added to a true lobster role.

    Bill Hubbard

  3. Barefoot Pregnant And In The Kitchen says:

    I have never liked lobster… but everytime I see a lobster roll I considering trying it again. This looks mouth watering!

  4. Hah!! People are so defensive about lobster rolls in these parts! I’d like to point out topically, that these are the same people who went on eating Zabar’s “Lobster Salad” for years without noticing that it said “Crayfish” on the ingredients list…

    Also, for the record, the *best* lobster roll I’ve had in the past three years, in either California or New England was the one at Ad Hoc on Bouchon brioche a few Fourth of July’s ago. Yours looks dee-lish.

  5. I’m curious about that spicy Azorian sauce! Love all the variations. I say use what you have and make it work

  6. You know how I love a good lobster roll! You need to come back East, though and we’ll enjoy one together. ;-)

  7. This is one of my favorite sandwiches. Looks so good!

  8. looks fabulous, I’ll take my hot and with a little celery :)

  9. You guys crack me up! It’s amazing, isn’t it, that a simple sandwich can evoke so many strong opinions? Everyone’s got their favorite or traditional ways, but you know what? As long as it tastes good, that’s what counts. I love what you did with yours–the green onions are a very nice touch! They look fabulous! Thanks for the link love, too. Gosh, I’m starving now!

  10. Shelby @ Lady Gouda says:

    Though I live in Boston and spend a great deal of time in Maine- I thought your version looked AMAZING. Isn’t this what cooking is all about? Taking a food tradition and making it your own? I am tired of people getting so emotional over food that they claim to “own”.

  11. These look SO good. There is a place here in Chicago that is said to make great lobster rolls, now I really want to try it!

  12. I’ve never had a good lobster roll before and this looks absolutely delish so I really look forward to trying this out.


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