Ever since I sat down and really looked at what we were spending on take-out, I have been on the search for quick, easy, and delicious meals to make for those late nights.  Pasta is always a good fall-back on dish to have around the house.  We do enjoy making our own pasta but for emergency meals, I always keep some dried pasta on hand, just in case.  Another staple that I keep in the freezer is a little pancetta;  it is a great addition to eggs, salads, and pasta.  My take on Pasta Carbonara has become a regular guest at our dinner table.  This recipe is a little salty.  A little spicy.  A little creamy.

When I mentioned my new found late night nibble to a couple friends, they all asked the same thing, “aren’t you afraid of using raw eggs?”  I had never really thought about it before, and in all honesty I did not want to start worrying about it;  but, I wanted to serve this dish to some dinner guests, and figured this would be a good time to figure out a way to avoid the “raw egg” issue. For this recipe I coddle the eggs with the boiling pasta.  Then before serving, I toss the pasta with the coddled egg yolks, and then add the sizzling hot sauce, and the cheese, lightly tossing just to combine, to make a creamy sauce that hugs every strand of pasta.  This is going to become your fall-back-on recipe;  I just know it!

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