Sorry.  I cannot believe I am finally sharing this recipe with you.  It is so good.  It is meatless.  It has a variety of mushrooms.  It is creamy.  It is flavorful.  It really melts in your mouth;  really!

I have been making this recipe for some 15+ years.  I started making it when I was living with a vegetarian roommate, and we would occasionally cook together.  We were both big fans of mushrooms and kept a steady stock pile in the fridge.  At the time, the portabella mushroom was making a huge statement in the veggie world and often graced the table.  In case you are not familiar with a portabella, it is the larger and meatier cousin of the criminis.  One thing I love about the portabella is that their stem has a firm texture and can be cooked along side the slightly tan and flat caps.  Back in the day, we often grilled or pan fried them, just as you would a steak.  One night after a couple glasses of wine, I decided to toss some into the meatless stroganoff I was creating.  I was hoping the meaty texture would add some substance to my otherwise meatless recipe and, it did.

This recipe has evolved over the years, in my opinion all for the better.  I, use too, mostly, use brown button mushrooms also known as criminis in my meatless stroganoff.  I now make this recipe with a combination of whatever fresh mushrooms I can find.  I have made this recipe using, Black Trumpets, which add a lot of flavor, as well as Chanterelles, Clamshells, Maitakes, and Morels.  Each variety of mushroom will add a unique flavor to your stroganoff;  do not be afraid to experiment, have fun with this recipe.  Do keep in mind, that mushrooms need to be treated delicately, when you are cleaning them, they are like a sponge and will absorb everything.  I use a mushroom brush or a paper towel, and gently clean off any dirt.  It takes a little longer than throwing them into a sink of water.  Trust me, after years of experience, I have found, YOU DO NOT WANT TO WASH WITH WATER.  This will only water log your recipe, causing it to be sloppy and bland in flavor.

The other day, I found some gorgeous portabellas at the market, so I decided to revisit this old friend.  Besides the portabellas, the mushroom selection was a bit grim in my market.  I did not have several options, so I added shiitakes as well as criminis to my basket.   Regardless, they were gorgeous, and I could not wait to devour them.  In addition to my sauteed mushroom medley, I added a splash of white wine, to give it a bit more depth.  I kept the seasonings simple, a little fresh thyme, garlic and shallots, some spicy Worcestershire Sauce as well as a little dry mustard.  Keep in mind if you are a strict vegetarian or vegan, you will need  to eliminate the Worcestershire Sauce as it does have anchovies in it.  Gluten Free?  This is the recipe for you!  I could not find the gluten free noodles I have been favoring so I went with some gorgeous egg noodles, which were perfect for sopping up the delicious, creamy broth that the mushrooms were splashing around in.  This is a deliciously easy recipe that you can have on the table in 45 minutes.  Add a salad, glass of wine and bread (gluten free if you are going this route) and you have the perfect meatless meal.

Do you have a favorite meatless stroganoff recipe?




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