My new thing this year when people invite us to dinner, is to offer to bring an appetizer.  I normally bring dessert.  While I love dessert and have gotten really good at making tarts, pavolas, cakes, puddings, panna cotta (you get the picture), I felt we could all lay off of the sweets;  at least for a little while.

We were invited to a post holiday dinner last week and I brought this hot crab dip.  I have been dying to eat crab since we got back from Boston (I think that lobster roll got my taste-buds going for seafood) and decided to take advantage of what is suppose to be the best crab season in the Bay Area in over 4 years.  Now, I thought about going all low-fat and non-fat on this recipe, but when I started looking at the ingredients and what they were actually bringing to the recipe, I changed my mind. I am a pretty good label reader and have this thing, if I don’t know what the first 5 ingredients are in a product, then I am not putting it into our mouths or bodies.  Therefore, I went full-fat with my ingredients;  really there is only about an additional 3 or 4 calories per serving, so why mess with deliciousness.  I served this with gluten free crackers but you can also serve with sliced and toasted baguettes.

What is your favorite seafood appetizer?



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