Hot Spicy Crab Dip

My new thing this year when people invite us to dinner, is to offer to bring an appetizer.  I normally bring dessert.  While I love dessert and have gotten really good at making tarts, pavolas, cakes, puddings, panna cotta (you get the picture), I felt we could all lay off of the sweets;  at least for a little while.

We were invited to a post holiday dinner last week and I brought this hot crab dip.  I have been dying to eat crab since we got back from Boston (I think that lobster roll got my taste-buds going for seafood) and decided to take advantage of what is suppose to be the best crab season in the Bay Area in over 4 years.  Now, I thought about going all low-fat and non-fat on this recipe, but when I started looking at the ingredients and what they were actually bringing to the recipe, I changed my mind. I am a pretty good label reader and have this thing, if I don’t know what the first 5 ingredients are in a product, then I am not putting it into our mouths or bodies.  Therefore, I went full-fat with my ingredients;  really there is only about an additional 3 or 4 calories per serving, so why mess with deliciousness.  I served this with gluten free crackers but you can also serve with sliced and toasted baguettes.

What is your favorite seafood appetizer?



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  1. That looks great, esp with a gluten free cracker! Why have I never thought of sriracha with crab dip before? I use it as a spicy mayo dip for crab cakes. Thanks for the idea, it might become dinner tonight!

  2. ohhhhhh this looks YUM! I’m a sucker for fried calamari. It gets me EVERY TIME.

  3. I am drooling so much I’m going to need an IV to replace all the fluids I’ve lost thanks to drool. This looks and sounds amazing.
    I’ve never heard of peppercorn romano… going to have to look in to that being the cheese whore that I am ;)

  4. How much sour cream did you use? Is it 1/4 cup? I have a potluck to attend to and this looks like it will be a good appetizer to serve the crowd!

  5. Hi Quinn,

    Fast typing … did not catch that. It is a 1/4 cup of sour cream.

  6. It looks delicious. Appetizers are definitely a good break from dessert!

  7. This dip looks so tempting!

  8. oh my gosh this sounds looks amazing ! mmust make!

  9. Wow. This looks unreal and seems pretty easy to make! This will definitely get the guests talking!

  10. Mmmm…cream cheese and sriracha. Love it!

  11. Low fat and non-fat have absolutely nothing to do with parties, my dear friend, and your hot crab dip is fabulous! I so love crab and believe me, no matter how fattening I’d be standing in front of this at the buffet table scarfing it down. Okay, not elegant but it looks and sounds too good!

  12. Scrumptious! A dip which must taste extremely good. Perfect with crackers and some good white wine.



  13. My Dad brought home a pound of claw meat last night and said “what can you do with THIS!?” And after a quick tastespotting search I found your recipe. It’s so delicious! Thanks for sharing!!!

  14. Love Love Love the addition of Sriracha to this classic dip — gotta give this a try :)

  15. San Diego says:

    Wow!try kong mag prepare mamaya!


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