Anyone who loves Devils Food cake will surely love this chocolaty, moist and light cake that is frosted with a mildly sweet homemade marshmallow fluff.  The best part is that there is also devil’s food cake crumbs pressed all over the outside of the frosting:  an ultimate party cake.


I always wondered who would pick this outrageous cake for our Tuesdays with Dorie challenge as it is on the cover of the Dorie cookbook.  Stephanie over at Confessions of a City Eater did just that!  I was going to sit this week out but when I saw what the challenge was I knew I had to make it.  The only problem was … I knew Lenny would not want a big gooey cake sitting around the house so I needed a great reason and I had the perfect one, my friend Evelyn’s birthday.  What made this challenge even better was that I got to involve MEM (Evelyn’s too cute kids) in the process.

We made the cake over a two day period since we had school and work schedules to deal with.  MEM helped with the cake making process and we had tons of fun.  From little fingers tasting everything to chocolate cake batter spattering all over the kitchen and us when I added the hot water on to high of a speed – we just laughed and laughed about it and they just kept tasting and tasting!

The second part of the cake building process I did on my own, which was too bad, because MEM would have loved this part.  The frosting for the cake was a meringue that was made with a hot sugary syrup which you drizzled over the peaked meringue while beating constantly.  The end result was marshmallow fluff!  To put the cake together, I had to slice each cake in half, leaving 4 layers.  The fun part and the part that MEM would have loved was taking one layer and crumbling it into little crumbs.  Now I know they would have had a great time doing this, I am just not sure how much cake would have been left. The remaining layers were then frosted with the fluffy meringue and then the crumbs were sprinkled all over the cake.  This is a great project to do with kids as there is no way around getting messy and making a mess.  The messier it is the more crumby the cake!

The cake was really good.  Not overly sweet.  Very chocolaty.  Very moist.  Very light.


Maggie, a self proclaimed *foodie* said the next day that she thought it would be good with chocolate frosting.  I have to agree.  Maybe next time we will add chocolate powder to the meringue, who wouldn’t like chocolate marshmallow fluff!

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