Grill Charms

Life has definitely taken over Chez US recently. I feel terrible that it has taken me almost a month to test out this product and write a review of it! Leslie Haywood, founder of Grill Charms, sent us a nice package with these cute little charmed life grill charms. I normally do not do this sort of thing; but, Leslie was so sweet and I liked the concept of her product, as well we are big supporters of startups and especially women started companies, we could not say no to try out her product. Unfortunately, we have been so busy with our own company that this package has been sitting on the counter for a few weeks now. I keep waiting for the weather to get warm enough to actually fire up the grill. Well, that night has not arrived yet, so we braved the cold and fired up the grill last week. We were making grilled pork chops, Lenny likes his extra spicy and I like mine just a little spicy!

Grill Charms

Leslie’s grill charms are similar to the wine charm concept – everyone picks their favorite charm and attaches it to their cut of meat. The stainless steel charms are serrated to hold securely while grilling and flipping. I was a little suspect when I tossed them onto the grill; but, NO, they did not budge! They are great for the grill master who entertains a group who may have certain requirements, health or allergy concerns, no spicy, no salt, they like theirs well done, etc.. when dinner comes off the grill everyone knows which one is theirs! So, we picked our charms and got grilling.

The end result perfectly cooked pork for each of us, no slicing of little pieces here and there to see which one was spicier. Not only are they very practical for this reason; but, they are also adorable and a fun way to dress up your meat at your next bbq.

I can only imagine how these would be a BIG hit with your kids as well, especially little girls, since they are all into jewels.  Also, Christmas is around the corner, these would make a perfect stocking stuffer or the addition to a set of grill tools! You have that hard to buy person to shop for here is the grill accessory for them! Shop for Grill Charms!

Check out Leslie’s demo video as well!