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Baked Eggplant

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We are big eggplant eaters over here but never do we bake or fry , unless I am making eggplant parmesan.  This recipe for Baked Eggplant has been on a regular rotation since coming back from Italy.  It is that good, as well as super easy to make.

Baked Eggplant

While we were in Puglia visiting friends, Adele, showed us her favorite way to use eggplant.  She said she never fries it, as baked is easier not to mention healthier for you.  I have baked as well as fried eggplant before but I loved her method, and have adopted the same technique in my kitchen.  It is so much more flavorful than how I use to bake eggplant.  

The secret?  Mixing a generous handful of parmesan cheese into the beaten eggs.  Yep, it is that simple, Parmesan cheese.  Adele said “this way you do not need to salt the recipe as the cheese is doing it for you.”   This is an amazing woman with years of cooking experience over me, she is 75, guided me to a new way of baking eggplant.  I watched, and  made a little cooking video. Then I came home and started baking eggplant, weekly, until I got the measures down to share with you. 

You could add additional seasonings to the breading portion of the recipe but I don’t and neither does Adele.  I keep it super simple, and then I add seasonings at the end depending on what else I am making.  This recipe can go from Italian to Middle Eastern in a snap by changing how you serve it and with what seasonings.  Sometimes we enjoy it as a main entree with a rich tomato sauce served alongside, or a garlicky yogurt.  The other night I served it alongside a classic roasted chicken with a heavy dusting of fresh herbs.  


  • Use Italian Eggplant instead of Globe if you can find it.  Usually in season in the Fall, and comes in a variety of colors from deep purple to white.  It is more flavorful.
  • A bread knife slices Eggplant so much better than a regular cooking knife.  Very clean and uniform slices every time.  
  • Pecorino cheese also works in place of Parmesan.  
  • Use a variety of fresh minced or chopped herbs.  I like using oregano, marjoram, mint and also dill.  

Baked Eggplant



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