I love anything pumpkin.  The past two months I have been going a bit crazy with using it in everything from breakfast oatmeal to stirring it into a big bowl of mac and cheese.  This recipe for Creamy No-Cook Pumpkin Mousse came about one evening when I needed something to feed my sweet tooth.  With not many options I turned to a recipe that I make often in the summer my no-bake strawberry cheesecakes.  I always have a stash of pumpkin in the cupboard and decided to make it seasonal delicious for autumn.

Creamy No Cook Pumpkin Mousse

I was telling a friend about my creation the next day and she tried to talk me into making it a keto recipe but, to be honest with you when I want a little sweet in my life the last thing I want to use is an unnatural sweetener.  Yes, I know Stevia is derived from a plant but it also tastes like sucking on a dirty penny.

When I started changing our diet, even more, I started researching natural sweeteners that actually tasted good and are less processed.  A recent favorite has become sucanat.  Have you heard of it or used it?  Sucanat is the least refined cane sugar outside of nibbling on a cane stalk.  It is crushed, the juices are extracted and then it is heated creating a rich dark syrup.  It tastes similar to molasses but not as strong.  It definitely adds some oomph to this creamy pumpkin mousse.  Feel free to use regular sugar too.

I have made this a few times and have used all cream cheese as well as mascarpone cheese as below.  Personally, I like the tanginess that the mascarpone adds to the recipe.  When made with only cream cheese the recipe will taste more like cheesecake and will be a bit thicker.  Make both ways and then you decide which you enjoy more.

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Creamy No Cook Pumpkin Mousse

Creamy No-Cook Pumpkin Mousse

** serves 4


1/2 cup mascarpone cheese, room temperature (or you can omit and double up the cream cheese)

1/2 cup cream cheese, room temperature

1/4 cup heavy cream

1/2 cup pumpkin puree (not seasoned or sweetened), let sit in a fine strainer for at least ten minutes to release moisture

1/4 cup sucant, or coconut palm sugar or regular sugar (if you want to be keto use what sweetener you would)

3/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

How To:

Place the mascarpone cheese, cream cheese, and heavy cream into a large mixing bowl.  Beat until smooth.

Add the pumpkin puree, sugar, pumpkin pie spice, and vanilla extra.  Mix until light and very fluffy;  about 3 minutes.

Serve individually or in a pretty serving bowl.

You can garnish with a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice or sugared pumpkin seeds or praline which is what I used here.  Whipped cream is also an option.

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