I am totally bummed out this go-around with my Fit at Fifty Week Five.  I thought for sure I had dropped at least two pounds as my jeans are feeling baggy;  maybe from wearing them too much!  I think my scale may be broken or needs an update as it said 93 pounds, then 123 pounds and then the 3rd time (not a charm) said 153.  WHOMP!  WHOMP!  WHOMP!  I gained a pound, and feel kind of shitty for it happening.


I was home part of the week, which I was really good at with eating as well as working out.  Then we were at a conference rest of the week.  Which meant no working out (we stayed at an apartment), I did okay with the eating but not a lot of veggie action and I overindulged in socializing and cocktailing.  I knew when I ate a couple slices of greasy pizza at the airport that I was doomed.

I feel like I am back at the beginning of the drawing board.  This is what being accountable is all about, right?

Are you using a FitBit – let’s motivate each other!  I can be found here …. FitBit Tracking.

Beginning Weight:  152

End of week: 153


  • Working out at home has become easier and enjoyable.


  • Did not work out while traveling.
  • Overindulged during social events at a conference.
  • Gained a pound back after all my hard work the week before.

What I ate and how I moved:


Moving:  1 hour hike

Breakfast:  2 cups black coffee, leftovers with an egg on it

Lunch:  1 apple and 1 banana

Dinner:  2 glasses rose and 2 slices squash pizza with mozzarella (homemade)

Water: 5 glasses (16 oz each)


Moving: evening yoga

Breakfast: 2 cups of black coffee, 1 scrambled egg with tomatoes and 1 slice Dave’s Killer Bread (toasted)

Lunch:  (client meeting) 3 falafel’s, with tomato, cucumber salad, hummus and 2 pitas

Dinner:  1 serving Mexican Meatball Soup

Water:  10 glasses (16 oz each)


Moving: 30 minutes on bike

Breakfast:  2 black coffee, 1/3 cup oatmeal with 1 plum

Lunch:  1 serving Mexican Meatball Soup

Dinner:  Curry lentils with roasted cauliflower

Water: 10 glasses (16 oz each)

Wednesday  – flying Kansas City

Moving: morning yoga

Breakfast:  3 cups black coffee, 2 scrambled eggs with tomatoes, cilantro and shallots

Lunch:  flying

Dinner:  2 glasses red wine, shared a rib plate with Lenny – included cheesy corn

Water:  5 glasses (16 oz each)

Thursday  – Kansas City

Moving: walked a lot this day (9ooo steps)

Breakfast:  1 cup black coffee and egg, cheese, ham breakfast sandwich on a croissant


Dinner: nibbles at a cocktail party and 3 glasses rose

Water:  4 glasses (16 oz each)

Friday – Kansas City (conference)


Breakfast:  1 small vanilla yogurt and 2 cups black coffee

Lunch: rice, bean and chicken bowl with salsa and guacamole (was starving from not having dinner the night before)

Dinner: 3 glasses of rose, mussels and fries and 2 whisky cocktails

Water:  5 glasses (16oz each)



Breakfast:  1 cup black coffee

Lunch: Chicken Pho, 2 slices of pepperoni pizza and a coke

Dinner: home cooked pasta with parmesan cheese.

Water:  10 glasses water (16 oz each)

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