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Fit at Fifty Week One

Fit at Fifty Week One

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A full week of work travel ended up being the best way to jump into Fit at Fifty Week One.  I was able to see what my travel habits are compared to when I am home.  Guess what?  While I feel I am good most of the time, when you begin journaling everything down, you realize how you toss good habits out the window.

Fit@Fifty Week One

We were in Watsonville, California for a couple days as well as Wilmington, Delaware for client events and it was tough.  Not many options were available besides chain-food restaurants which equaled a lot of fried food and very little vegetables.  While eating on the road, it seems hard to find vegetables.  Why is this?  When eating Mexican, I opted for fajitas as a meal since it was not fried and it did have some veggies.

I figured out that I need to lose three and a half pounds a month to reach my goal of 20 pounds by February 20, 2017.  Seems like a do-able number but to achieve that I definitely need to make some changes moving forward.  A good point that was brought up in my initial post was that I had to keep in mind as I begin to get stronger I may gain more muscle which could throw my weight off too.  Next week I will list my measurements as I am sure they did not change since the 20th of August.

I am also going to track my steps, and if you want to come along you can find my progress over here on FitBit Tracking.

Beginning Weight:  155

End of week 1 weight:  155

Measurements (throwing it all out there):

  • Arms:          14″
  • Chest:         36 1/2″
  • Waist:         31 1/2″
  • Hip:             41″
  • Knee:          15 1/4″
  • Calf:            15


  • While at home I was good about moving – either walking a lot or doing the rebounder.  I also did yoga every morning and evening – a fifteen minute routine both times of the day.
  • I ate smaller portions, and tried to share meals with Lenny when possible while on the road.
  • Mostly vegetarian heavy meals at home with a meat centered meals.
  • I did go to the hotel gym one day as well as making sure I walked a fairly large amount at least three days a week.  Days we were with the client it was tougher;  I need to work on this.


  • Not continuing with at least my yoga routine while traveling.
  • Eating an entire hoagie – really was fine after half.
  • Not eating as many vegetables as I usually do at home.
  • Not moving as much just because I was working from the road.
  • Enjoying a couple extra beers with meals which is something I would not normally do at home.

What I ate and how I moved:


Moving:  Rest Day

Breakfast:  fist sized serving hash browns, poached egg and 3 cups black coffee

Lunch:  1/2 hot dog and 1 beer

Dinner:  fist sized serving taco skillet, 2 fist sized servings green said with oil and vinegar

Water: 7 glasses (16 oz each)


Moving:  20 minutes Rebounder, 15 mins morning and evening yoga, 2 pound upper body hand weights (I do them until arms are tired – curls and triceps)

Breakfast: 2 thin slices Dave’s multi-grain bread, 1 egg scrambled with green onions and 3 cups black coffee

Lunch:  2 figs, 2 french prunes, and fist sized serving taco skillet

Dinner:  1/2 order beef fajitas, chips and salsa and 1 margarita

Water:  8 glasses (16 oz each)

Tuesday (working w/client)

Moving: Evening yoga

Breakfast:  2 cups black coffee

Lunch:  1/2 order beef fajita, 2 corn tortillas and 1 margarita

Snack:  handful green grapes

Dinner:  4 grilled chicken wings, fist sized serving cucumber and onion salad with brown rice and rice vinegar and 2 glasses red wine

Water:  7 glasses (16 oz each)

Wednesday  (flying)

Moving:  Morning Yoga

Breakfast:  3 cups black coffee, 1/2 cheese and blackberry danish.

Lunch:  1/2 cup whole milk cottage cheese, 1 french prune and 1 oatmeal stout

Dinner:  cheese plate (brie and pepper jack) with salami and 1/4 baguette

Water:  7 glasses (16 oz each)

Thursday  (work – Philadelphia)

Moving:  Morning Yoga and early morning walk thru Philly

Breakfast:  2 black coffee and a bite of Boston Cream Doughnut

Lunch: 1/2 philly cheesesteak with America and onions and 1/2 corona beer

Snack:  1 IPA

Dinner:  3 oysters, bite of crab cake 1/2 order steamed mussels w/fourth order fries and 1 IPA.  Whiskey on the rocks after dinner.

Water:  6 glasses (16 oz each)

Friday (Wilmington with client)

Moving: treadmill for 1 hours

Breakfast:  1/2 spinach and mushroom omelette with 1/2 order hash browns and 3 cups black coffee

Lunch: Roast Beef sandwich with swiss, mayo and lettuce

Dinner: 2 crab cakes and 3 glasses of white wine.

Water:  8 glasses (16oz each)


Moving:  walked around Philly

Breakfast:  2 cups black coffee with chocolate croissant

Lunch: 1/4 greek salad, with hummus and pitas and grilled octopus.

Dinner: 2 small slices mushroom pizza and 2 Lagers.  Whiskey on the rocks after dinner.

Water:  5 glasses water (16 oz each)

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Cheryl @ Pook's Pantry

Friday 2nd of September 2016

This is amazing!!! You have inspired me to get my butt back on track & put it in gear! Go, Denise!!! <3