First we had Tuesdays with Dorie, or as Lenny liked to call it (lovingly of course) Tuesday with the Devil (because there were too many delicious baked treats around) and now we have French Fridays with Dorie.  You see I love her book Baking From My Home to Yours;  why? Because every recipe is always right now and comes out perfectly.  A little secret, I currently only own her book as my go-to baking book, no others exist in our house.  It is the bible of baking as far as I am concerned.  I remember the day I found out Dorie had a new book coming, I could not contain myself, I told everyone I know.  I just have this warm feeling in my soul that Around My French Table will be just as great as Baking.  I am sure the “French” part of the title has something to do with it, being I love France and all;  but, in all honesty, Dorie has never let me down.  Geez, if I could marry her I probably would!

The day the book arrived, the first thought besides, what to make, was “I wonder if anyone will start a virtual cooking club such as TWD”.  I tossed around the idea of maybe I should;  but, then schedules, work, traveling, started clouding over those thoughts.  I was so excited when I saw a little tweet out there that Laurie had started French Fridays with Dorie and I was even more excited to read that there was not the “participation rule” (you see I got the boot out of TWD as my work (and hips) schedule was not allowing me to bake at least 2 – 4 times a month).

The kick-off recipe for French Fridays is Gougeres (p. 4 – 6).  Gougeres are basically a cream puff, similar to the Les Chouquettes I love to make for breakfast;  but they are savory.  I have made them many times as they are the perfect small bite with a nice glass of Floc or Champagne before dinner.  I normally add a bit of dijon or maybe a little fresh cracked black pepper along with whatever cheese I have on hand.  This time I made them exactly as Dorie specifies in her book with lots of Gruyere or cheddar;  I used Gruyere.  I tossed around the idea of cutting the recipe in half as it said it would make 36 (which it did);  but, decided to just go for it.  Glad I did as Lenny had the first batch finished before dinner was on the table.  I served the puffs with dinner as we were having soup and I wanted something different from the stand in a warm loaf of bread.  The Gruyere Gougeres were the perfect companion with a warm bowl of butternut squash soup.

Don’t be afraid to make this small little bite known as the Gougere.  They are easy to make and Dorie makes them even easier, you don’t have to stand over a stove, beating in your eggs by hand;  her recipe has you using your trusty mixer.  What are you waiting for, whip up a batch this weekend?

Surprise your family and friends with this small treat and let us know what you think of them!

Recipe:  Gougeres

* you must buy Dorie’s book to get her wonderful recipe, which I highly recommend, it is beautiful.


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