We attended our first  Fancy Food Show back in January.  We really did not have any idea as to what expect other then the obvious; there would be food.  The show is huge and you do need a couple days to really suck it all in.  One can find everything from French imported Pates to BBQ Sauce, and beautiful glass bottles to sassy aprons, there is something for everyone!  This show is not open to the general public, it is geared towards food and media  professionals who are in the industry.  Being food bloggers for the past couple of years was definitely our *in* for this niche.  We wanted to attend for two reasons 1) we love food and wanted to see what new and exciting products are out there 2) we have been trying to expose our professional lives to the food industry as we feel there is a huge opportunity out there, particularly for food trade shows, food related conferences and capturing chefs doing what they do best!   So we geared ourselves with a video camera and a microphone, went in there and introduced ourselves, told them the story of  Chez Us and FullView Media and asked to shoot a short product demo of what they were selling for our own use.   Not only did we have so much fun eating, gorging, eating and shooting video;  but, our speakers were having a blast talking about their products!

Besides the video we also had the chance to meet Ina Garten aka Barefoot Contessa – very fun!

This is merely a tasting of  what we experienced.

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