Homemade Roasted Tomato Sauce

Tomatoes are finally an abundance in the Bay Area.  Took a little longer than normal for them to make their market appearance but they are here, and we are happy.  We feel very lucky to live where we do as our option for tomatoes is beyond the traditional Roma;  there is a variety of heirlooms as well as pear, cherry, zebra, and the list goes on and on.

One of our favorite ways to eat tomatoes is to simply slice some multicolored heirlooms, lay them pretty on a plate, drizzle with good olive oil, a splash of thick, syrupy balsamic and a sprinkle of maldon salt;  they really don’t need anything else. Or a simple dinner idea is to slice a baguette in half, spread with a thick and creamy goat cheese, top with slices of dry-farmed tomatoes, a sprinkle of black sea salt and put it under for broiler until toasty;  serve with a green salad and you have a lovely dinner.  A childhood favorite is to slice open a crusty piece of bread, lightly spread some good mayo over the bread, top with slices of ripe, red tomatoes, a pinch of kosher salt and top with the other slice of bread;  easy lunch that takes me back to being seven years old, sitting on an outdoor step with skinned knees.

Lately, we have been enjoying pounds of these gorgeous vine-ripened tomatoes; they are plump, juicy and sexy being they are still attached to the vine.  I love twisting them off of the stems the scent that comes off of the slightly bruised stem is very intoxicating.  Try it.  Instant summer memory of picking tomatoes off the vines at our neighborhood garden when I was growing up.  Our favorite way of preparing them is to gently wipe them with a towel, lay them on a baking sheet, drizzle over some olive oil and sprinkle with Maldon salt.  Then they roast, long and slow, until they burst at the seams, making a caramelized, rich sauce.  To take the sauce to another level I had a head of garlic that has been roasted with olive oil.  The roasted garlic adds an earthy depth to the sauce.  During the last 20 minutes of roasting the tomatoes, I turn up the heat and had a little packet of garlic that has been drizzled with more olive oil and I let it carmelize.  Once everything is roasted, I crush the tomatoes in a saucepan and mix in the sweet roasted garlic, and let it simmer for a few minutes.  Tossed with hot pasta it makes a wonderfully light meal that is rich in flavors.

This tomato based sauce is very rich in flavor, you will want to make a few batches to freeze for the long winter.  Summer will be brought back instantly, when the dark days of winter are wrapping their arms around you.




** Chez Us is participating in Food Network’s Summer Fest 2011 where we will be sharing great recipes using seasonal produce. You can find other delicious dishes using tomatoes over at the Food Network as well as at these sites:


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  1. I confess. I am a tomatoholic..I am going to go nuts with all of these recipes. Nothing quite like a simple preparation with great summer tomatoes. Sauce looks divine!

  2. This sounds lovely. I love roasted tomatoes and garlic. I usually put them on crostini – but the thought of them over pasta sounds fabulous.

  3. What gorgeous looking tomatoes and a lovely coincidence! I have been in a roast phase and going roast tomato crazy! Last night we had farfale with roast tomatoes, snakegaurd, garlic and chilli. In the week that’s gone by we have had sphageti with roast tomatoes and string beans and the week before we had lasagne with roast tomato sauce.
    I roast them differently though – cut, sprinkled with balsamic, sugar, oregano, garlic and chili. It’s divine and brings out flavour in even the dullest tomatoes. Just posted the recipe on my blog a few days back….

  4. Another wonderful tomato treats. It’s such a fabulous sauce.

  5. Is it just me or does the top photo remind you of Molly’s A Homemade Life cover? Except your shot is much more beautiful. So many of my students, when I ask them about summer food memories, say tomatoes. We, like you guys, are finally getting decent ones. I can’t get enough!

  6. One of my new California discoveries is dry-farmed tomatoes. I, too, also love eating multi-colored heirlooms virtually plain. I hope the tomatoes last a little while :) xo

  7. Farmgirl Susan says:

    Yum! This is my kind of recipe. That top photo is wonderful, especially since I’m crazy for vintage enamelware. :)

  8. Thanks a lot for your recipe. I always buy canned tomato sauce because I don’t have enough imagination to make my own sauce, and yours seems very easy! I use this kind of sauce for my spaghetti and also for some “albondigas” recipe I tasted on my last travel to Mexico. I’m sure your sauce will be excellent!

  9. Hello! Well I have to admit that for the tomato sauce, here in France I use the Barilla mark all the time ops! It’s time to change I know that, so I really think I will try your receipe, it looks divine and yummy

  10. Oh Mickael, nothing like homemade, and with the lovely tomatoes in France it will be delicious! Let us know how you like the recipe. ~ Denise


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