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Duck Fat Roasted Potato Breakfast Tacos

Remember those amazing Duck Fat Roasted Smashed Potatoes I shared with you?  Of course, you do, I mean how could you not remember those amazing potatoes.  Want to know a little secret?  When I make a batch I always keep an extra one or two, to make this outrageous recipe for Duck Fat Roasted Potato Breakfast …

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Tortilla Chicken Legs

The Colonel would never agree as we have found a healthy alternative to fried Chicken; Tortilla Chicken Drumsticks. Meaty organic drumsticks are coated with crusted tortilla chips that have been seasoned with cumin seeds and spicy paprika and then baked until crispy and golden. Served with a light salad of white corn, cherry tomatoes and parsley. A meal even your kids will love, after all, what kid does not want chips with their dinner?

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