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Why did you start this blog?  We get asked this all the time.  Denise started this blog without Lenny even knowing.  It was started purely as a marketing experiment for their business.  After a month of snapping photos of dinner, and being on the computer “secretly” every night, she came clean.  Lenny was beginning to think she was having an affair, as the girl who is not technical was spending a little too much time online.  She had plans of killing the sit after a month, but, people were engaging and wanting more.  After a couple glasses of wine and talking it over, they both decided they decided to give birth to Chez Us.  They both love to eat, shoot photos and video, so it only seemed logical.

Where does your inspiration come from?  Denise learned to cook from her Basque great-grandmother, great aunt, grandmother and mom;  food was always important, and meant to be shared.  She has memories of standing on a chair or gathering around a table to help cook a meal, from a tender young age.  To this day, she really does not believe there isn’t anything that cannot be made at home.  One just needs a little time and patience to put a healthy and simple meal on the table.  Lenny has always been an eater.  He grew up in a Portuguese household with a mother who is always in the kitchen cooking, whether it is a simple soup or stuffing chorizo, food on the table was important.  To this day, the first thing he is asked when seeing his mother, is what he wants to eat.  Together they like to combine their families backgrounds by cooking simple (somewhat peasant) food.  One of their passions is being able to share the same meals with loved ones.  Food isn’t meant to be perfect, it is meant to be shared…….

We love your photography, who shoots it?  Denise has had a camera in her hands since she was given one at age 5, she never thought of combing the love of food and shooting until recently.  Starting this blog provoked a demon, and she has been pursuing food photography since.  She shoots and styles (though she’d love a stylist) all of the photos on Chez Us unless otherwise stated.

What about your videography?  Lenny is the talent behind all video on Chez Us.  He started shooting 8mm some 30 years ago, and his love of film has only grown.  Together they started their company, FullView Media, which handles webcasting and video production for corporate clients.  Not the sexy creative work he wishes he had more time for but it puts the bread and butter on the table.

What do you shoot with?  For both photos and video we are currently using the Canon 7D and 5D Mark II along with various lenses.

Do you do any freelance photography?  Yes, Denise is available for food and travel photography projects.  Projects can be shot in our home studio and on location.  If you are in need of photos, she’d love to work with you. Reach out and we’d be happy to send along more information.

Do you teach photography or video?  Yes.  Not only do we both teach, but we also have a team who teaches with us.  And it is not only about food, check out The Playground for more information.

Press Trips?  When do we leave?  Want one or both of us to cover your amazing press trip?  We’d be thrilled to cover your event as a writer, photographer or videographer.  We would be happy to send you our stats, just say the word!

Do you speak at engagements and/or conferences?  Yes!  Lenny loves to speak about video production in general as well as how it can benefit your food blog or business.  If  you are interested in adding this fast growing topic to your next event, give him a shout  –  lenny @ chezus [dot] com

What about recipe development?  Yes!  We love creating delicious and healthy recipes for Chez Us, and we can do the same for you.  We’d be happy to feature your product in some tantalizing recipes.  Let’s get cooking!

Brand Ambassador?  If you are looking for a Brand Ambassador for your product, we (or one of us) are available to represent your brand as your ambassador.  There are many options available for ambassadorship from a series of blog posts, social media, photography, video, and/or travel opportunities.  Let’s talk!

Reviews?  We are always on the look-out for exciting new products, cookbooks or kitchen gadgets/appliances that would fit with Chez Us.  If you have something that you think would be of interest, please let us know.  We would be happy to review, but cannot guarantee that we will have time to write about it.




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