Happy Sunday!  How was your first full week of 2018?  Mine was pretty good, actually better than I thought it would be.  I spent the week tying up 2017 and starting to get organized for 2018.  As well as starting on taxes for the year.  I did manage a few workouts as well as starting up yoga daily again.  It feels so good.  We also got together with friends for dinner, enjoyed time at home and then I put Lenny on a plane to Atlanta.  He will be working there all week, so I will be one woman-banding the office and home.  Let’s dive into some coffee talk, I want to hear what is new with you too.

Coffee Talk

I have not watched the Bachelor or Bachelorette series in a few years.  Saw a post the other day and it made me think about how cookie cutter the contestants are.  No diversity.  Just what looks like perfection.  What about real life?  Does anyone else feel this way or I am missing it?

The last thing I should be thinking about is traveling.  Did you see the crazy airfares Air France announced?  $431 to Paris or Rome!  We are definitely considering springtime in Europe, schedules permitting.

I have been thinking about revamping my weekday morning routine a bit and this article helped confirm that I should give it a try.  Currently, I get up and if I have time get a workout in.  If not, I go to making coffee, then we enjoy a cup together back in bed and then our day begins.  It is not a bad way to start the day, don’t get me wrong.  Tomorrow will be my first day of hopefully something new and even better. I am hoping to get up earlier than usual, workout, spend some time reading and then make coffee and continue the morning as we usually do.  Do you have a morning routine that keeps you focused?

I have been itching to make granola bars or energy bites, and am planning on giving these a whirl come January when our 21-day reboot is over.  They sound amazing and have all the flavors I love; coconut, almond, pumpkin seeds and pineapple.  Have you ever made bars or bites?

If you follow me on Instagram you know back in September I started redoing our master bedroom and bath.  I was tired of the colors we had used for the past 6 years which were whites and bold bright tropical colors.  I am almost finished as it took that long for me to find the right shades of charcoal gray, light gray and pinks that would match the midnight blue accent wall.  It is looking so good that I am even going to photograph it once done.

I got these adorable furry slippers and am wearing them all the time and may even wear them out.  This is my first pair of slippers since I was a kid.  They are really tasty!  Lenny even expressed wanting a pair.  Do you wear slippers?  Have a favorite kind?

Let me know what is new with you?  Is a busy week coming up?  Plans for January?  I want to hear all about it!



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