Happy New Year friends!  Hoping everyone had a safe as well as a lovely holiday season.  I feel like it flew by before we really had a chance to enjoy it.  Does anyone else feel that way?  I am definitely anxious to pour a cup of coffee for some Coffee Talk to kick off 2018.

Coffee Talk

Do you make new year resolutions? I stopped a few years back after years of being disappointed in myself for not attaining all of them.  Now I make short-term weekly goals and feel more accomplished.  I love the Nourished Planner and am in the middle of updating all of January.

About the same time, I decided not to make resolutions I also stopped telling myself I was going to eat right come January.  When the new year rolls around we do spend a month detoxing by cutting out alcohol as well as upping our menu planning with heavy veggie meals.  This January we are doing a twenty-one day reboot from Seamus Mullen’s book Real Food Heals.  I was a big fan after reading his other book Hero Food, and anytime food can help heal, I am there.

I have given up personal shopping until April 1, 2018.  Sort of a financial diet and I can only buy food or cleaning supplies.  Are you cutting back on any finances this year?

Travel, while I would love to travel more this year, but last year was a pretty big one.  Hoping to at least get one big trip in and we keep talking about SE Asia.  Also, planning lots of camping in the van, which we don’t feel like we took full advantage of last year.  Do you have any trips planned?

We keep saying we want to cut back on TV but just got sucked into two series.  Mindhunters and Wormwood; both are great.  Are you watching anything?

I revamped our pantry about six months ago and have eliminated a lot of stuff from our diets that we don’t need sugar as salt and processed sugars.  I will be sharing more about this in 2018.  Guess what?  We don’t really miss it.

What is going to be new for you this year?  Would love to hear all about it over Coffee Talk.

Happy 2018.






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