Hello Friends!  I am going to try to be super positive but what a crappy month it has been recently.  Not personally just life in general.  I have officially decided not to read the news all weekend, and I have turned off my phone notifications as I kind of cannot deal with it any more.  If the world ends can someone let me know!  I am definitely ready for some coffee talk and maybe even a double espresso this time.

Coffee Talk


Being in Northern California when we think of disaster we think of earthquakes;  never fires.  The fires up North are horrific, and surreal.  I saw a piece on the NY Times with drone footage and it doesn’t seem real at all.  Looks like something from a movie.  My heart breaks for everyone it has effected.  I read a story about a couple who survived the fire from the safety of their neighbors pool, as they watched homes and trees burn around them.  Grab a box of tissue …

A few weeks ago I mentioned how I was on the mad search for some new boots, and that this year I was going to be super proactive.  I usually wait until November and have no luck.  Well, I ordered two pairs and an anxiously waiting for them to arrive.  I am only keeping one!  Now, that I have boots out the way, I am looking for a new winter coat.  I got rid of mine a couple years ago as I thought it would be easy to replace.  NOT!  I have been without one and when we go to Boston in the winter, I freeze.  I thought the world of winter coat options would be my oyster come October, and I am wrong.  Almost all of the ones I adore are sold out already, and now the big 40% off sale is gone at J Crew. One.  Two.  Three (would be fun).  Four (not sure about gold buttons).  Five (not a coat but love the pink blazer)Six (tried this on cute but not sure).  Seven (going to check out this week).  Have you seen any cute winter coats I should check out?

I love taquitos but never make them at home, mainly because they are usually fried and I hate frying food.  The other day I stumbled up on a great baked recipe from Maria over at Two Peas& Their Pod, and I am thinking I need to make a this week.  Sometimes I enjoy snacky food along with a salad for dinner.  Do you ever do the same for dinner?

Man oh Man, Heidi has outdone herself again.  Earlier this week she posted about a hamburger vegetable soup that brought back memories of something my Grandmother use to make.  I think she even called it hamburger soup and I believe she put ketchup in it, minus loads of vegetables.  Fast forward to later this week, and darn her, she posted about sloppy joes.  I have not had one of those since my teens.  Maybe it is because we need comfort in our lives right now, or maybe not, but I am making both of these in the next couple weeks.  Have you ever tried hamburger soup?

Hoping you have a GREAT week!




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