Hi!  How was your week?  I am so ready for some Coffee Talk even though I don’t have much to chit chat about.  What started as being a mellow week turned into a crazy one.  Our busy season with work has officially kicked in, the next few months will be crazy.  We are heading out for our first business trip of the season so we are in the middle of laundry, packing and getting ready to jump onto a plane.  I did manage, not sure how to carve out some time to shoot three of my favorite recipes.  It is true, I have a sweet and a savory recipe coming this week.  So enough of my complaining about life.  Tell me, how have you been?  What is new and exciting with you?

Coffee Talk

How fun would it be to go to Italy, and take a gelato making class?  I so want to to this!  Has anyone else every taken a cooking class in Italy?  Did you learn to make gelato?  I would also love to learn how to make really good pasta when visiting the country.

I cannot stop thinking about everyone in Houston and Florida as well as the hurricanes.  Now there is one heading to the East Coast.  They are saying it may hit the Cape, which is near and dear to us as we have family that way.  It is definitely tragic what has happened, and I have been trying to figure out a great way to help.  Heidi, over at Foodie Crush has a wonderful post with links to organizations that can help.  We are definitely exploring a few of them.

My friend Bree has moved to Germany and I am living my European life virtually with her.  Someday!  In the meantime, she made a batch of Gingersnap cookies that I am dying to devour.  This is one of my favorite cookies to enjoy in the colder months.  I am thinking they would be great for holiday gifting too!

I did find a new to me blog, The Fresh Exchange, they talk about everything from food to fashion, as well as home and travel.  I am loving every page to turn to.  Have you heard of it?

Nectaries are still around the markets and I am definitely planning on making this amazing sounding panzanella salad before they disappear.  I hope I do not run out of time.  You should try it too.  Doesn’t it sound amazingly fresh!

Sorry for such a short coffee talk, I need to finish packing and thinking about dinner.  Hopefully next week we can linger a big longer.

Enjoy your week!


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