It has been one of those weeks.  Is anyone else feeling that way?  Lenny blames it on Mercury (or as I have been calling it Metro) Retrograde.  I blame it on being back home, after a few dreamy days in France.  How has your week been?  Busy?  Crazy?  Feeling that Retrograde as well?  We had a fairly busy weekend but it was also relaxing.  We got a hike in, which was nice as the weather finally warmed up here.  We also had some friends over for dinner;  I was dying to grill steaks, and that is just what I did.  It was a great weekend overall.  Pull up a chair and let’s have some coffee talk!

Coffee Talk

It has been a week since coming back from France, and am I ever missing it.  I am not sure what it is about that city but it pulls me in deeper and deeper every time we go, and tugs at my heart strings when we leave.  You should see all the Parisians I am now following in IG for my daily fix.  We keep toying with the idea of moving somewhere simpler, maybe out in the country, and our only requirement is that there is a major airport.  After staying in the heart of Paris, and having the world at our doorstep we both realized we are urban dwellers.  Where we live in Oakland, there is nothing, and it is really a wasteland.  Sure, it is changing but we have to drive everywhere;  even if you run out of milk there is not a corner store to go.  It is really nice to have almost everything outside your front door, esspecially as we get older in life.  I can definitely see us calling Paris home, at least part time, as we get older.  One of the things we really noticed this time was that there is not a lot of new construction, they are keeping the old around, and we only saw two cranes the entire time.  The second thing we noticed, people are present;  they are not on their phones the entire time, whether walking around, on the metro or at a bistro, they are present, and they look you in the eye when you talk.  It was so refreshing!

While I am all about modern homes, I am not sure I could live like a mole.  How about you?  While this house is ultra cool looking, I think I would feel a bit caged.

I do not have a lot of stress in my life, and usually it is self inflicted if I am feeling stressed.  Definitely thinking I need to implement some of these color schemes into our living spaces, not to reduce stress but to feel all dreamy.  Never have been a big pink fan but am trying to figure out how to talk someone into loving the look as much as I do.

Boots.  I need new boots for this fall and winter, and I cannot wait to buy them.  Every year for the past four years I go on this mad search around October and never find any.  My size is always sold out and the styles left are ugly.  The last pair I bought was five years ago, they are black suede, I loved them but now I loathe them.  I will never buy suede shoes again.  Any suggestions?  Have you seen cute ones?  I am looking for this sort of style but with a higher heel.  Style One.  Style Two.  Style Three.

How do you feel about travel?  Do you think it makes you a better person?  Braver?  More afraid?  I agree with what the writer talks about in this post.  Travel has definitely made me a more tolerant as well as open minded person.  I know people who have never left the town I grew up in, for whatever reason, and they see the world so narrowly.  There is so much beauty to be found everywhere, and so much love from all people.

I have two new recipes coming this week!  YAY!  I cannot wait to share them;  we ate each three times this week while I nailed it down.  Both are really fresh, inviting and full of flavor.  As well, they can be made in a snap.

Have a great Sunday!  And an amazing week.


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