Hello Friends!!  How was your week?  Mine was crazy;  we had a situation in the neighborhood that I am still trying to process, work has been busy, I am working on a few new recipes that ROCK and I am trying to get into the groove of shooting food again.  I am definitely due for some coffee talk with you,  now that we are home and kind of settled.  Summer is flying by, and I feel like we are not doing half of the things we wanted to do at home this summer.  For instance taking the van out for loads of camping!  Does anyone else feel like summer is whizzing by at lighting speed?

Coffee Talk

Is anyone else not a dress person?  I usually only wear dresses or skirts if we are going to a wedding or a funeral.  Recently, I am digging summer dresses and just purchased not one but two (thanks to Christina from Dessert for Two for that recommendation) and this one was a steal), plus I am looking at another one.  Okay, and this other one.  STOP ME! If I can get away with wearing white sneakers with these, there may be a third in the closet soon.  What do you think, white sneakers okay?  I don’t own any sandals.  WHAT?

Toilet paper.  Can we talk about this for a moment?  We stayed with some friends over a long weekend, and I felt like every time I went into the bathroom there was another roll of toilet paper out.  Only to see the cardboard roller in the trash with what seemed like 6 sheets of paper. This happens at our house in one of the bathrooms;  not naming names.  What is with people wasting the last 6 sheets?  Do they not know how much this stuff costs.  I just bought a 30 roll pack for $21.99 at Target.  Use every sheet – it is good for your bum and for the environment.

While I love a good savory pizza, I am totally digging on this sweet version.  Thinking I need to make this one next time my god-daughter visits.

It has been a month since we got back from Peru and I keep relishing on all the wonderful memories from the country itself to the food and the people.  I have started a series on IG called The People of Peru where I am featuring some of the portraits I took.  I hope you enjoy!

One of my most favorite people in the entire world, Maggie of Eat Boutique is writing another book!!  Her first one, Food Gift Love is one of my go-to stops for gifting as well it brightens my day when I open it.  I love when good things happen to good people.

Thanks for joining me for coffee talk today.  What is new with you?  Good or bad, let’s talk about it!!  I hope you have an amazing week, friends!

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