We started having coffee together, and then I skipped out on you.  How dare I?  I had all intentions of continuing our weekly coffee talks, then I went to Peru where the internet was all up in the air and I skipped out on you.  Promise it won’t happen again.  So, tell me, how has your summer been so far?  As I mentioned we took a holiday and went to Peru.  It was amazing, and I have so much to share about the experience but haven’t had a chance to write about it.  We literally got home, did laundry, packed and jumped on a flight and were working in New York and Chicago.  Home now and so happy to catch up on life.  When we are gone for too long, we tend to just hunker down at home for a few days which we are looking forward to this weekend.  Lots of cooking and hopefully a few new recipes to share.

coffee talk

I read another great book on the plane to and from Peru, I was laughing out loud more often than one.  Where’d You Go Bernadette is a great summer read.

Lip balm is something I never have enough of.  It is stashed in my purse, camera bags, drawers at home, on my desk and just about everywhere my lips may be.  Last year I found these fun ones for Lenny as he was always borrowing mine, and now they have them in Rose!  Perfectly pink and fun for summer.  Plus, I am a HUGE rose fan.  Are you?

Lenny’s birthday is coming up, and he is hard to buy for.  We are at the point in our life, if we want it, we get it but then when birthdays come we are stumped.  I just got him an early gift, a Japanese Maple tree as he has been eyeing one for months now.  Plus, I got him this book to read, which my friend Bree recommended in her Friday newsletter.  I think I will be reading it too, after all, we can all use a little Bad Ass in our lives.

We work from home and I am stumped on new lunch ideas.  Any fun and easy suggestions?  We tend to eat salads or sandwiches and occasionally leftovers.  Would love some new inspiration!

I got a drone.  It always sounds so funny to say, that I got a drone and Lenny didn’t .   Her name is Maxine, thanks to the lovely daughter of my friend Kristin, from Dine and Dish for coming up with that fun name.  I am still learning to fly her and make videos as it has been harder than I thought it would be. We even crashed once already.  Do you have a drone?  Have you thought of getting one?

I have been seeing a lot of ladies where these super cute summery t-shirt style dresses.  I feel like I am late to the game as I am having a hard time finding one that is flowie and light and maybe linen?  Have you seen any?

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